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February 16, 2022
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GWU Recalled A Litigation Against Evolution Gaming After Negotiations

Union of handicraft malta (gwu) withdrew the legal ban against netent after an agreement on improved output benefits for netent game company employees who were dismissed due to the reduction.

In early december, netent began massive dississal after their absorption by evolution gaming, with the result that hundreds of employes lost work.

The trade union representing the majority of netent employees in malta turned to the country’s supreme court demanding to prohibit the company to apply any form to reduce staff or dismiss employees. On the first hearing in the civil court, an appropriate legal ban was issued against the netent gaming company at the request of the trade union by handymen.

The gwu statement of december 17, 2020 states that after consulting with gwu, evolution gaming group agreed to offer an alternative work at least 40 employees in the coming weeks. It is expected that even 60 employees will be offered jobs in the operators of gaming and financial services in malta.

"The gwu has improved the proposal for the weekend, previously agreed will represal for the emploected employeee will receive an additional payment in the amount of 750 euros,"

Said in the gwu statement.

The agreement also includes more efficient guarantees for maternity leave, and the availability of the company’s medical service package for affected employees. The revised proposal was approved by the overwhelming majority of gwu members involved in the dispute.

Gwu negotiations led joseph buugeza (secretary general), kevin camilleri (depeutary general), riccada darmanin (secretary of section) with legal support for arona mifsud bonnichi.

Gwu secretary general joseph buugezha said:

"We were intense and decisive negotiations. We have kept jobs as much as it was possible. We took care that all the disissed received appropriate compensation ".

He thanked the director-general of evolution martin karlsund and the legal counsel of the floor gonsult for their cooperation in achieving a satisfactory agreement.

On december 17, 2020, gwu recalled a legal ban, thereby resolving the legal and employment dispute.

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