Habib Against Maevezer: Poured Floyd For Five Years And Said He Could Not Beat Him In The Face

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May 11, 2022
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Floyd maevezer and habiba nurmagomedova fight is discussed many months, but there are no specifics at the moment. American spoke about returning to the box, but habib is still engaged in preparing for battle with tony ferguson. The media managed to find out the opinion of the dagestan for a joint battle with a boxer.

Habib against Maevezer: Poured Floyd for five years and said he could not beat him in the face

Maeveter vs habib: why dagestan fighter is skeptical about

Floyd maeveser is not the first time saying that he is not against meeting the dagestan fighter of lightweight habib nurmagomedov in general battle. Note that the last match of the american took place in 2017: on august 26, he defeated another fighter ufc – conor of mcgregor.

Floyd maeveter fight against habiba nurmagomedova is a profitable check in terms of money and popularity that the fight with mcgregor has demonstrated. That’s just the interest of the dagestanis in this checkout seems to be fading.

In a separate material, we talked about the incomprehensible statement of the habiba manager, which directly concerns the fight of nurmagomedov against maevezer.

In his last comment, the invincible dagestan lightweight stated that he could not imagine how he could beat the face of maevezer. The fact is that habiba confuses that floyd is almost as many years old as his father.

«A few days ago he had a birthday, he turned 48 or 49 years old. He is almost the same man’s father, as i can beat him», – said nurmagomedov junior.


Maevezer really recently had a birthday: february 24, the american celebrated the 43th anniversary. By the way, father habib abdulmanap nurmagomedov 57 years old and habiba himself – 31 years. The difference in age is really there, but it is not so significant, as a a dagestanian declares about her, who threw a potential opponent for five years.

In a special article, we talked about the opinion of abdulmanap nurmagomedov relative to the level of training and skills tony ferguson, with whom habib will fight in april.

If you do not take into account problems with the age difference, then the fight of habib and boxer maevezer, according to the dagestanis itself, is possible. Nurmagomedov allows meeting the meeting, as it was previously discussed: 11 rounds on the boxing rules and one – mma.

According to the rules of boxing rounds last three minutes and in mma – five five. According to habiba, this is enough for him to knock out the american. An invincible dagestan considers the boxer to the master of his case, but at the same time he does not believe in the success of floyd in the round according to the rules of mma.

Earlier, we we wrote about the details of the restoration of career boxer floyd maevezer.

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