Habib – Ferguson 2020: White Wants To Experience Fate In The Sixth Time

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June 21, 2022
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In may 2020, the main battle of the year was supposed to take place – habib nurmagomedov vs tony ferguson. But the coronavirus pandemic made its own adjustments. Thus, the meeting was postponed for the fifth time. After the defeat «el cukuya» from gaiture, all experts believed that more meeting with habib is impossible. But white everyone surprised.

Habib - Ferguson 2020: White wants to experience fate in the sixth time

If gatge will lose – wait a new attempt to organize a fight habib against ferguson

It seems, 2020 does not cease to amaze to surprise unexpected news and turns in sports. First, almost complete stopping of any sporting competitions, then unexpected results. It seems, after the sensational defeat of ferguson from justin gaket, mma’s fans are almost impossible to surprise. Is justin really interrupt an amazing series of russian without defeat. But even the organizer of the fight, the head of ufc dana white believes.

Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the fact that he has already begun to talk about the potential match of habib after the victory over justin. Of course, white uses phrase «in case of victory», but what is worth such a horse «victoria», makes many fans want victory «healight» above «eagle». We are talking about organizing a meeting of habib with ferguson for the sixth time.

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The authoritative edition of sports illustrated leads the words dana white about the perspective of the meeting organization «eagle» from «el cukum». According to him, if the nurmagomedov defeats gatzhi, he will take on the organization of the battle, but at the same time the head of ufc still expressed concerns about this idea. According to dana, he has not yet seen fights to walk so often, as in the case of nurmagomedov and ferguson. The president of the organization even missed this: «what happens this time? Maybe the asteroid will fall to the ground?».

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Considering the number of unpredictable events this year, the white jokes may not be jokes. But seriously, despite the huge fan interest, this idea and its cons. For example, habiba may not be intended in this fight. If at the time of spring 2020 «el cukui» was a temporary champion of light weight, then after defeat from the game, he lost his status.

Moreover, from the moment of meeting, toni has not yet sport a single fight. Considering that for «eagle» this can be an anniversary match in a quarry – preferably motivation better: georges saint-pierre would have come perfectly, it would be nice to look in this role and mcgregor. Light big money, revenge – the perfect end of the career, whom nurmagomedov wanted. But what happans really – show only time. The most enchanted fight in the history of mma is not in vain received such a name.

Revenge - The Perfect End of The Career That Nurmagomedov Wanted

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