Habib Manager Explained Why Ferguson Is An Uninteresting Rival

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January 11, 2022
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Ali abdel-aziz, manager of the unbeaten ufc champion in the worldweight weight habib nurmagomedova, spoke about the nearest plans of his ward and criticized possible rivals.

Habib Manager Explained Why Ferguson Is An UnInteresting Rival

After the successful protection of the title of the congion in the duel against the conir of mcgregor, the ratio to habib has changed much. Odole, the main media personality in mixed martial arts, nurmagomedov received the right to choose himself rivals and rely on huge fees. This perfectly understands his manager ali abdel-aziz, who in a recent interview spoke about the prospects in the upcoming battle of habib.

The agent of the russian fighter said that in the current situation, the amount that the side of the opponents could pay a decisive role. According to the manager, habiba has nothing more to prove, his record in mma is 27 fights without defeats, of which 17 passed under the auspices of ufc.

Dana white, president of the ufc, previouslyted that he wants to organize a nurmagomedov duel with tony ferguson, but abdel-aziz believees that this fight will not bring big payments, unlike revenge with a conference or a fight against maevezer. Indition, ali believes if the battle will take place, then habiba will not be difficult to defeat tony:

«Tony ferguson – incredible fighter, but i tell you that he is one of the most ordinary soldiers for habib… he is careless. He is slow. Habib will win him. He will beat him more serious than the conir».

Also, the russian manager said that another potential rival of habiba, boxer floyd meiweather, not enough courage to go into octave and fight according to mma rules. According to ali, boxing – this is a semit, in contrast to mixed martial arts and floyd – just an athlete, and not a real fighter.

Previously, abdulmanap nurmagomedov, said that the representatives of mcgregor offered $ 15 million for revenge, however, according to the team of habiba, according toam of habiba, this fight is twice as expensive.

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