Habib Nurmagomedov And Advertising Gambling: Who Should Apologize?

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January 11, 2022
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The media reports that on mma habiba nurmagomedov mma champion page «instagram» as part of one of the competitions, it was proposed to subscribe to the publics of several sponsors of the athlete, which were associated with gambling business.

Habib Nurmagomedov and advertising gambling: who should apologize?

Source photo: beztabu.Net

Champion’s fans who have repeatedly speaking for traditional islamic values ​​were surprised by the content distributed on these pages. After numerous reviews of dissatisfied users, the appropriate competition from the mma champion account was removed.

According to «caucasus.Realities», one of the fans named ahmed turned to habibu with a question about how sponsors distributing content for the 18+ audience and calling for participation in gambling, combined with its position.

Habib before fans did not explain. Instead, the network appeared public apologies for the blogger itself before the champion. The young man said that he distributed slander and disinforced the community.

Public apologies to the blogger itself before the champion

Photo source: kavkazr.Com

He also told that he took off his appeal hoping to raise his own rating, realizing that the champion was substantiated with the competition.

Such a development of events is not ignored. Russian blogger dmitry ivanov also commented on the situation. In his opinion, to explain and tell about who the habib himself must be, and not ahmed.

Recall that abdulmanap nurmagomedov, the father of the ufc champion in the lightweight weight of habiba nurmagomedov, previously stated in an interview that a revenge is possible between his son and mcgregor conor.

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