Habib Nurmagomedov Gave Tribute To Ferguson

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April 22, 2022
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Habib nurmagomedov, invincible champion of ufc from russia, spoke about his title protection in battle against tony ferguson. Read more in material.

Habib Nurmagomedov Gave Tribute To Ferguson

Ferguson – home threat for habib

It should have finally happen. If dana white could not organize a meeting of habib and tony in the near future, then he would receive a noble share of criticism from all ufc fans. Butt, apparently, the time has come, and the fighters signed a contract for the duel. Without difficulties and wires, of course, did not cost, as tony was dissatisfied with the initial version of the contract, the fee in was not registered the champion.

Habib has not lost in his career yet. Tony does not lose 12 fights in a row, more thanx years. Each of them is worthy of victory and everyone seemed to be created in order to defeat the other. In oter words – the perfect battle that mystically was transferred as much as four times.

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Fergie believees that it will be able to pick up the key to nurmagomedov. Confident and acting champion. At that «eagle» notes the danger of the american. According to him, which leads the rt portal, ferguson is much more dangerous thaner all of his previous rivals. This also applies to the popular among millions of fans of mcgregor, and the former temporary champion of dustina pore.

However, some special training system, according to habib, he will not have. He will just train more and more persistent. Also, russian noted that he is now the perfect age, which allows him to be at the limit of possibilitis – approximate. Author). At the same time, the champion noticing an opponent, a strong motivation was broken in it, which is diffititive to keep in non-competitive battles.

Before the meeting with ringing, habib also talked about the importance of motivation and great responsibility, which is now lying on it. You can read more about this in ur separate material.

Earlier, we wtrote about the date and place of confrontation between habib and ferguson.

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