Habiba Nurmagomedova Page In “Instagram” Earns Of Ida Galich, Brezhnev And Boni

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April 20, 2022
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Forbes pleased readers next rating. This time it came to the popular instagram social network and russian publicants. What exactly habib nurmagomedov could not overtake olga buzov, ksenia sobchak and five more russian stars?

Habiba Nurmagomedova Page in'Instagram' earns more money than the accounts of Ida Galich, Brezhnev and Boni

Official page of habiba in «instagram» brings decent money: nurmagomedov in the next rating forbes

Forbes learned how much russian stars earn on their pages in the social network «instagram». Of course, many contracts in the advertising sphere, more precely their conditions and details, remain «in the shadow». Note that it is about earnings for the year.

Nevertheless, i managed the overall picture, and it looks more than interesting. Many russian stars entered the ufc champion nurmagomedov.

In a special article, we talked about the reaction of habib and his father abdulmanpa nurmagomedov on abubacar loss in the mma duel.

Account habiba b «instagram» earns $ 570 thousand. The same figure was the actress and blogger anna khilkevich. The fighter of the ufc and the star of the screens missed forward only six stars of russian show business.

The top three included ksenia sobchak, which has $ 1.6 million in its asset – it is twice as much as olga buzova, which is located in second place. The third became regina todorenko with the same indicator as in buzova – $ 860 thousand.

In our other article, we transferred the statements by the conoram of mcgregor about dagestan and the consequenes that will affect him.

In addition, income on the social network turned out to be more than thhand the dagestan, such stars: blogger alan yenieff ($ 850 thousand.), singers polina gagarin ($ 770 thousand.) and elena temnikov ($ 760 thousand.).

Interestingly, habib nurmagomedov became the only athlete entering the first ten rating. In the top-10, the fighter overtook daria kubokin, jan rudkovsky, idu galich, faith brezhnev, irene ponaroshka, victoria bonu and natalia rudo.

Earlier, we wielde about the threats of ex-fighters, which were addressed to mcgregor after the words about dagestan.

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