Habima Will Have To Look For A New Legend For The Fight: Saint-Pierre Leaves

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January 28, 2022
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According to the information of the main insider ufc ariel helvani, the ufc champion in two weight categories – canadian georges saint-pierre will announce a career compltion. Did not affect his decision even the personal appeal of habib.

Habima Will Have To Look for A New Legend for the Fight: Saint-Pierre Leaves

Since april last year in the media, this and case appeared reports that the legend of mma george saint-pierre could return to the ufc and meet in a fight with an invincible champion in lightweight champion habib nurmagomedov. Victory in this battle would allow canadian to become the first fighter who won the belt in three of the weight categories. However, at that time, according to the athlete himself, he was not interested.

«Before the fight with mcgregor habib said he would have come up with me. Then it was me uninteresting. He was not famous, he did not beat the title owner or famous fightsers», – said george in his interview.

However, after the victory of habiba in october last year, nurmagomedov’s status in the sports community instantly increased to heaven. In addition, the russian continued his invincible record, he did it confidently, defeated without exaggeration of the legendary irish. In an interview with saint-pierre pointed to a change in the status of an eagle, but stressed not call for a duel.

Since then, the media regularly appeared reports on the negotiations between the teams of russian and canadian about the boy. Habib’s environment also called george one of the desired rivals for dagestan. But the negotiations prevented a suspended state in which nurmagomedov was located in connection with the possible disqualification due to the fight on the ufc 229.

Saint-pierz at the moment for 37 years, and in may of this year, 38 will be 38: the age for the fighter is very solid. He must understand how much he will have to wait for habib and whether it needs it in the end. The famous fighter himself in his interview declared that the reassembly imposes his less, he realizes that he agrees.

Another famous fighter nick diaz in a recent interview refused to return to mma. According to him, he no longer wants to fight, but he wants to have fun. Read more about the refusal of the diazzi brothers from a possible fight, read in our material.

However, after the new year and the decision of the athletic commission of nevada, a new boost received negotiations on the duel. This was told by the coach of canadians, and the agent of habib. But soon the hope of all fans of mma was destined to crash into small fragments. The main insider ufc ariel helvani on his page on twitter reported that the parties could not agree, and saint-pierre decided to complete his career.

Georges st-pierre will officially announce his retirement from mma tomorrow morning at a press conference in montreal, multiple sources told espn. Gsp had hoped to secure a super-fight w / khabib. Once that didn’t materialize, he decided it was time to walk away. More shortly.

— ariel helwani (@arielhelwani)
february 20, 2019.

On the same day, nurmagomedov tried to convince canadians, writing in his instagram, which grew on saint-pierre’s battles and is experiency deep respect for him. The champion in light weight urged him to meet in the octave in november (this month ends the disqualification of habib, – approximate. Author).

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Let’s do it in november. After this fight you can retire. I grow up on your fights, and have nothing but respect for you, and i believe showed that to you george when you were in moscow. But, it would be honor for me to share octagon with one of the greatest fighters of all time. Let’s do it 155 lbs, or i give away 5lbs to you, cause you newer done 155. Well, it’s your choice 155 or 160, montreal, nyc, moscow or abu dhabi. Send me location my friend ???? #gspvskhabib #ufc #mma #history #russiavscanada

Publication from khabib nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) 20 feb 2019 at 9:31 pst

But the same ariel soon announced that he communicated with george. Fighter said that he saw the message of nurmagomedov and he was very pleased to read it, but this will not change the situation. In more detail, saint-pierre will have to tell about it at his farewell conference.

Most likely, the parties could not agree because of the date of the possible battle. Saint-pierre understands that every monh he does not become stronger and better as a fighter. Yes, and years take their. Apparently, the champion just can not wait so long.

Indition, there are other factors that could prevent this battle to become a reality. Ufc is interested in conducting a fight for the title of a temporary champion in lightweight, which will fight with nurmagomedov to return. With this scenario, the fight with george does not fit into the system, and the organization is better to carry out battles with mcgregor or ferguson.

The closest future of mcgregor’s coniron also remains unknown. The fighter itself is ready to hold a fight with diaz and silva and from serro. More information about the likely rival is not famous – in our separate material.

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