Hackers Use Youtube To Theft Cryptocurrency

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April 19, 2022
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It became known that video buildings containing malicious programs appeared on the internet. The purpose of the latter is theft of cryptocurrency.

Hackers Use YouTube to Theft Cryptocurrency

The subject of the video is devuted to various ways to theft of digital assets. Rollers contain malicious programs and distributed via youtube.

According to bleepingcomputer, youtube video contains viruses that have access to computer computers.

In the malicious video, we are talking about a tool that generates keys to bitcoin-wallets. If the user downloads a promotional program, his gadget is infected with trojan virus predator the thief. Thus, hackers get access to the sharing buffer, can assign themselves files, use webcams, as well as monitor users with electronic transactions.

It known that the virus roller about cryptocurrency was viewed more thanks. A link to the archive containing a malicious file is in the desription.

Hacker tricks against theft cryptocurrency – not news. In the spring of this year, a new way to perform theft is inventened using a sim card. Michael trepin became one of the victims. The entrepreneur has kidnapped digital assets totaling $ 24 million.

Recall that the cost of bitcoin fell below $ 9 thouusand. The remaining cryptocurrencies are also experiency a decline.

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