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January 11, 2022
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Central bank ordered to deprive the license of five of the nine major forex market dealers. In this list got «trustfares», «fix trade», «forex club», «teletrede» and «alpari forex». For companies, such a decision of the regulator has become unexpected.

Half of The Forex Market Dealers Remained Worth Licenses

Property of customer sites will be returned until the end of january. The basis for the violation of the rules, namely the provision of inaccurate reporting, incorrect conduct of internal accounting, promulgation of unreliable information on internet sites and other. Indition, the regulator explained that companies led aggressivive advertising, promising high income.

With the help of forex dealers, citizens have the opportunity to earn on the difference in the cost of currencies. Many of them resort to broker. A few years ago, the ministry of finance of the russian federation compared these activities with gambling, but recently the government has been legally committed to such platforms to undergo licensing procedure.

To date, forex dealers are about 2 thousand customers. About 35 million rubles are stored on their accounts.

Expert opinion

Financial analyst of the company «opening a broker» timur nigmatullin believees that these reasons are only formality. True need to look for the impact of the forex market on economic development. According to him, such dealers are negatively perceived by the central bank.

Nigamtullin also explained that the fight against the forex market is inefficient. In his opinion, companies together with customers will simply go to other jurisdictions. Then the state can no longer protect its citizens.

Recall: in a short time, a bill will be adopted in russia, wilh will protect people from financial pyramids.

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