Hamilton Admitted That He Was Delighted With Schumacher

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January 13, 2022
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January 3, michael shumacher turned 50 years old. Many famous riders congratulated the legend of motor racing with the anniversary, did not stay aside and the five-time world champion of formula 1 lewis hamilton.

Hamilton Admitted That He Was Delighted With Schumacher

Michael schumacher worthout exaggeration one of the greatest pilots formula 1. Many lovers of this high-speed ​​sport began to be involved just during the domination of the german rider. On his account 7 wins in the championship, which is an absolute record. 2 championship he mined, speaking for «benetton» and 5 – behind «ferrari», return «red» to the top.

Warmth respond about german and «mercedes», where michael finished his career. The current gegemon formula 1 (5 championships for 5 years) at that time was far from the strongest team:

«50 years ago a star was born. Star that changed formula 1 forever».

50 years ago, a star was born. A star who shaped and changed @ f1 forever. Who broke records, redefined excellence and helped lay the foundations for our future success.

We’d like to send our very best wishes to michael @schumacher on his 50th birthday. #keepfighting # michael50 pic.Twitter.Com / 247wkprwcd

— mercedes-amg f1 (@ mercedesamgf1)
january 3, 2019.

Congratulated schumacher and home star «mercedes» and «queen motorsport» lewis hamilton. Briton has already in its asset 5 championship titles and may well be able to beat the record german legend in the next few years.

On his page on twitter lewis congratulated michael happy birthday and admitted that it was an honor to compete by him for him (the riders competed in the period 2011-2013, – approximate. The author) and that schumacher was his inspirer. Finished his post athlete wishes to continue the fight.

Wishing you a happy birthday, michael. 50 years of life and a legacy that will last forever. What an honour it is to say that i have raced with you. You’ve always been a true inspiration to me and the entire world. Keep fighting, champ ????????- lh pic.Twitter.Com / dmx4mlzvfj

— lewis hamilton (@lewishamilton)
january 3, 2019.

Michael schumacher finished his career in formula 1 in 2013, but soon due to an accident in the ski resort he received a serious head injury. He moved some of the most complicated operations and is now rehabilitated in his country house in switzerland under the supervision of loved one. It is known for its condition extremely few, relatives try to protect the pilot from excessive attention and practically do not comment on his condition.

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