Hamzat Chimaev Laughed At Plans To Go To Ufc: Fighter Replied

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July 25, 2022
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Swedish fighter hamzat chimaev initiated a verbal overhang with a colleague alexander schemengko. The latter intends to sign a contract with a new promotion, which launched his acting fighter. Fresh sports news already in our material.

Hamzat Chimaev Laughed At Plans To Go to UFC: Fighter Replied

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Fighter ufc hamzat chimamaev sharply commented on the publication with the quote shemenko about ufc

Today, hamzat chimaev – one of the most promising fighters of the average weight and the absolute fighting championship in general. Karoir of the swedish fighter of chechen origin slowed down coronavirus, wh not only interfered to organize fights due to quarantine restrictions, but also became a serious challenge for his body. Middle impact required not one monh to overcome the difficult consequences of kovida and return to the usual loads that he did only recently.

At some point, the fans of the swedes seriously scored alarm, because their idol announced the compltion of the career. Fortunately, president ufc dana white and the head of chechnya ramzan kadyrov convicted chimaev and provided it with the necessary treatment with rehability. Now hamzat again full of desire «rob and throw» in octave, as evidenced by his recent statement regarding four battles per year. Probably the next fight of hamzat chimaev in ufc will be held against nika diaz than, by the way, the agent of shaved ali abdel-aziz is very unhappy.

But while this undone is only at the level of conversations, although hamzat himself is very not even against the combat against the former star promotion. But there is one problem: chimayev is flashing from one fighter to another, trying to provoke them on challenges or simply. The last time it «sacrifice» alexander schemenko became – famous fighter bellator and several domestic promotions. The cause of such a strange choice of chimayev was the statement of the russian regarding his transition to the ufc.

An invincible middleweight launched schemenko’s statement that it was he who would pull his weight category (84 kg) ufc from a swamp, ensuring the spectacular battle championship. Also alexander added that this weight is experiency a huge crisis. Russians launched chimaev who called on a fighter not to drink much due to harm to health, writing about it right in the comments.

Saying Schemenko

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On the comment of the sweden immediately respondd to schemenko himself, who dedicated to this separate publication in «instagram». Middle height began his message so: «by the way about those who really waited for my defeat», hinting at chimaev. Also, russian thanked his fans for their support, emphasizing that such negative comments he also sometimes gets.

«I’m talking about why these characters are stuck so from me, but your opinion is interesting, friends!» – posted by schemenko, asking his subscribers so that the cost wort insults.

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