Hanu Failed The Japan Championship: Schoma Uan Took “Gold”

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April 27, 2022
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Japan completed figure skating championship. The main surprise of this evening happened in male single skating. Two-time olympic champion yudzuru khan suddenly lost the first place to shaome uno, having failed an arbitrary program. Read more in material.


Japan championship: an arbitrary program pointed to the fatigue of hani

After a short program at the japan championship, we published an article with intermediate outome. Judzuru rollured almost perfectly, improving his record for recruited points for kp. No one has been doubting that it is he wh will take the gold medal of championship. No one except honey.

By the end of the calendar year, apparently, the strength began to leave the famous japanese. Recovered after another injury just to the world championship, the figure skater issued a perfusion for which he received «silver» («gold» i won neutan chen). This was pereceived by the fans as a victory, because the athlete just started to dive. The offseason also promised bright performances by khan in the fall. He returned a quadruple lutz, and it seeemed that the victorious revenge was not far off.

But the final grand prix came, and yudzuru again gave way to chen. Hani appealed to the fans, asked for support and promised to become better for the championship in japan. And his speech in the short program really inspired hope. But in arbitrary everyone awaited disappointment.

Already on the first leap (quadruger) – error, yudzuru miraculously held on the legs. Next good salhov – and again a mistake. Instead of a quadruple lutz, the audience and judges saw double. Then the quadruple tulup, cascade 4t + 1eu + 3f, triple axel – all jumps received a fastening assessment. There was a feeling that khan simply did not have enough strength to this program. But if in the finals of the grand prix it was expressed in the 3a failed, then here it concerned the entire program.


Outcome – 172.05 points for pp and 282.77 in the amount. Yudzuru loses smea uno (pp – 184,86 and 290.57 in total), which, on the contrary, gained stability at the end of the calendar year.


Does this mean that hani can no longer claim the title of the best in the world? Of course not. On the contrary, after a small rest and emotional reboot, you should expect from the japanese champion of new accomplishments and victories. Considering the character of yudzur, his saturated path, the ability to overcome difficulties – this is what he knows best.

About the plans of yudzuru hanu for this season we wrote in a separate material.

Earlier we talked about the results of the final of the grand prix 2019 and the japanese attempts to make a fourxel.

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