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February 1, 2022
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Garik harlamov persons in all series sochi poker festival 2019.

Harlamov - a new representative of the poker club 'Sochi'

Poker club «sochi» summed up 2018 and announced the names of the most successful players. Leading ceremony «player year» there was a special guest of poker tournaments – garik harlamov. The ceremony announced that the russian showman, the actor and tv presenter would be the official face of the poker club «sochi».

Within the framework of cooperation, garik harlamov will become not only a person, but also by the voice of the brand, will take part in the advertising campaign of tournaments, will act as leading events and parties dedicated to the series. In addition, garik will participate in all spf series and deal with the title of the best player 2019.

«Poker – beautiful game, very interesting. The presence of intelligence in this game must. It’s not just a stupid excitement, here you need skills: the ability to count the outouts, an understanding of the psychology of players. I sincerely love this game, and therefore, when i was offered to become ambassador of the poker club “sochi”, i agreed without thinking. Another reason to be in “casino sochi” more often», – comments garik harlamov.

According to arthur voskanyan, the manager of the poker project in sochi, the choice of harlamov as an ambassadora is not accidental.

«First, garik harlamov loves poker and takes part in tournaments, in “casino sochi” in particular. Secondly, garik has been our friend for many years and a player. He knows our guests, i wonder with him and easy. Third, he has an excellent sense of humor. The most famous numbers about the casino and poker on the comedy club show came out with the participation of the garik in the lead role. He is perfect ambassador for us».

This year 4 sochi poker festival series tournament is scheduled.

Recall that your own poker series in the casino «sochi» was first opened in january 2018.

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