He Walked Messi To Break His Legs And Die: What You Need To Know About The New Defender “Barcelona” Fif

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March 25, 2022
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«Barcelona» proudly introduced a new team player – hunior firpo. 22-year-old defender spent a great season in «betis», what attracted attention «sine-grenadey». That’s just the future of the football player is very foggy because of his past. More details – in material.

He walked Messi to break his legs and die: what you need to know about the new defender 'Barcelona' FIF
Content: 1. Success history or prehistory scandal2. This guy even surpassed grusmanna

History of success or prehistory scandal

Let’s start with the fact that the fifo will be excellent insurance of the left flank of the protection of the catalan club. Long period all the work performed jordi alba, which was indispensable for the team. Now w «barcelona» there is an excellent substitution of the 30-year-old spaniard – hunior fifo.

With the signing of @ juniorfirpo03 we continue to strengthen the team for a fallenges season full of challenges. Welcome to barça! Pic.Twitter.Com / v298fbv9nu

— josep maria bartomeu (@jmbartomeu)
august 4, 2019.

Fifo from 2015 to 2018 performed in double «betisa», after which i was transferred to the main team. There he has established himself as a reliable defender who also works well on the attack – three goals and four assista last season. This was the reason for the interest in a football player from several top clubs. But to get the spaniard of dominican origin managed to catalan club.

¡ForÇa barÇa! ???????? Pic.Twitter.Com / vzyeefsgct

— junior firpo (@ juniorfirpo03)
august 4, 2019.

In a sepaate material, we wrote about the possille reunion of neymar and messible despite the veto from the psg.

This guy even surpassed grusmanna

Dream of almost every football player in spain – either «real», or for «barcelona». That’s just before the company did not enter their number. Soon after his transition to the catalan grand, scandalous screenshots from his old «twitter». As it turned out, at the age of 15 years the football player was yarym haters lionel messi. In the posts, he walked argentine to die, meet a psychopath, who shifts his legs, and even called «rat feces». This is only a small part of all that the football player wrote on the internet.

Junior firpo twitter highligthts parte 1. Pic.Twitter.Com / ghpfy8yepn

— ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? (@ miguelgrande19)
august 4, 2019.

Dominican removed the account, but it did not help get rid of the shame: the screenshots are preserve on foreign pages. Later in an interview for as, the company trid to justify himself, calling his actions with stupid. He all threw out for adolescent age and the desire to pour a friend who is a fan «sine-grenadey» and in fact, messi.

The effect of leo in the team veliko, argentine can easily turn the life of his offnder to hell. Far for example, you do not need to go. Lionel did not like that grizmann pulled for a long time with the transition, – now it does not greet him and ignore luis suarez. Of course, of course, an experienceed argentine will be angry and spoil the old tweets, but it is better to be read to be prepared for everything.

Earlier we wrote about the first day of antoine grusmanna in the new club.

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