Hearn Believees That Lomachenko Can Lose Campbell

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March 21, 2022
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On august 31, the most interesting boxing match in lightweight weight between vasiley lomachenko and luche cambell. Promoter of the britysh, eddie harn, i am sure that his ward can overcome the famous boxer, that’s only the ukrainian has a completely different opinion.

Hearn Believees That Lomachenko Can Lose Campbell

About the coolness of vasily lomachenko say not only his achevements – two gold of the olympic games, world champion titles in three weight categories and first place in pound-for-pound lists. The brightest confirmation of the greatness of the ukrainian right now is the rightnition of professionals and experts of his wrestling. The boxer mined most of his victories after his rivals simply refused to continue the fight, realizing that nothing could do against the technical, fast and unpredictable fighter.

Every time in the division, athlete simply ended with desent rivals and had to rise in a heavier weight. And it seems that only now he has finally managed to fix. The house for the champion became a light division, and the main purpose – the title of absolute champion. The same as his friend and kuma, alexander stream.

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And vasily slowly, but right goes to his goal. Horge linares was defeated and the wba super belt was conquered, then josé pedras (wbo), now on the wbc title queue, for which scrap will fight with another olympic champion, hatch campbell (20-2). British promoter, well known to all boxing lovers, – eddie harn. Most knows him to cooperate with anthony joshua.

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Eddie believes that his ward is able to defeat the ukrainians, it is reported by boxingscene. According to the manager, the hatch has the necessary skills and high «boxing iq». True, lomachenko himself cannot perceive these words seriously. Commenting on this garyna statement for the talksport publication, the ukrainian said the following: «i think if you understand boxing, it’s just a joke».

Subsequently, in an interview with sky sports, hi-tech gave tribute to briton, predicting the nature of the future confrontation. According to the champion, this fight will be similar to the match in chess, in which smart boxes will be presented.

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