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February 4, 2022
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In the 20th century, gambling served as a stronghold for mafia. When a dry law was canceled in the usa, most of the criminal capital began to flow into a casino. With licenses in the hands of hanggers continued to sell, but no longer on alcoholics, but on dependent players. Herbert blizztein highlighted special cruelty. He was afraid not only debtors, but also colleagues on the workshop.

Roomgerman blizztein
nickname thick herbian
date of birth november 2, 1934
place of birth chicago, illinois, united states
date of death january 6, 1997
a place of death las vegas, nevada, usa


Herbert was born in a jewish family in the period of the great depression. The lack of money affected the character of the guy – he also began to steal food on the shelves.

He began trying forces in gambling. It was often possible to find in the local billiard room at the table for poker. Herbert can not be called a stupid guy, but he never finished school. In 1950, he preferences a gang and a racket, and not study.

When height 182 cm and weigh 130 kg, no one wanted to contact herbert.

Fighting for power

Blizztein met henry kushner – an illegal bookmaker who earned mafia millions of dollars. For a long time, tolstie herby played the role of the bodyguard. It was enough to start leading a luxury lifestyle. Herbert loved to wear expensive costumes.

Herbert blizztein second left

In the 60s, the alignment of forces on the streets in chicago is changing. First, henry kushner goes to prison for organizing illegal games. He conveys a clientele to tolstoy herbi, who continues to business with arthur kowen. The latter began to hold the street tax, for which i got a bullet in the head. His corpse was found in 1967. By this time, herbert blizztein became one of the most influential illegal bookmakers on the streets of chicago.

In the 60s, the usurization was the main source of income for the mafia.

Flight in las vegas

For several years, thick herbi successfully earned at the rates while he was not accused of illegal gambling. In 1971, anthony a sportro from chicago mafia offered him to escape in las vegas to start there a joint business.

Partners have formed a new gang of thieves, hackers and murderers – "hole in the wall". To waste the looted, the gangsters opened the gold rush jewelry store. Gangsters understood that they were under the sight of the fbi, so the scanners were installed all over the quarter. With their help, they intercepted law enforcement negotiations.

Precautions did not help bandits. In 1981, the fbi arrested most of the members of the "hole in the wall". Blizztein put forward a number of accusations:

  • Organization of illegal gambling.
  • Usury.
  • Racket.
  • Laundering of money.
  • Tax avoidance.

Court and prison

The first proceedings took place in 1986. Blipstein with accomplices bribed several jurors, but they quickly learned about it, so the meeting had to be transferred. In 1987, gangster admitted guilt and received 8 years in prison.

Herbert blizztein with a cigarette in the mouth leaves the courthouse

During the conclusion, the health of the thick heherbi began to deteriorate. He has problems with heart and diabetes. In addition, he lost 2 fingers on the right leg. His case has become part of a large-scale investigation of the congress concerning the ill-treatment of prisoners in 1991.

Return to las vegas

In 1991, herbert was released. He immediately headed to the "city of sin", but the commission on gambling was not glad to return. The former prisoner was immediately nominated for the inclusion in the black book. The reason was the dubious reputation, the organization of illegal gambling and communications with frank rosenthale.

It did not prevent thik herby to restore business at usury. He gained access to problem players with the help of teddy bignon – son casino founder horseshoe bennion benion. Over time, the partner was deprived of a gambling license and also contributed to the "black book".

Casino horseshoe gradually began to decline. The debtors were afraid to return to play debt. They were often intimidated and beaten in the nearest alleys. The reputation of the once legendary institution has spoiled, and players with a bunch of cash preferred other casinos.


In the 90s, herbert concentrated on fretshots with auto insurance. His workshop strongly overestimated the cost of repair, and he divided the difference with the client. According to the habit of mafiosi, accelerated enough, but he no longer had a former influence.

There was a lot of envius in the city who wanted to take someone else’s business. Body blizztein found on january 6, 1997 – he died from 3 bullet wounds. For the head of the roshovshchka two killers paid $ 10,000.

Fbi investigated the murder for 2 years. According to the results of operation 25 people received indictments, but only two fell behind the bars.

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