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August 16, 2022
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In business it is not necessary to be an innovator. To achieve success sometimes it is enough to take advantage of other people’s ideas. Herbert mills managed to build one of the largest automatic manufacturing companies, but it all started with theft of the legendary slot liberty bell.

Roomgerman stephen mills
date of birth 1872
place of birth oak park, illinois, united states
date of death february 2, 1929
a place of death miami, florida, usa

Family business

Herbert grew up in a big family – he had 12 brothers and sisters. Most of the childhood took place in the park. Back in the 1880s, his father founded the company that was engaged in the production of vending machines. A little later, he got a patent for the modernization of the device for sale cigarettes. In 1890, mbm cigar vending company appeared.

Almost all mills took part in the family busines. Most efforts showed herbert. In 1898, a 26-year-old entrepreneur bought out a controlling stake in his father. After that changed the name of the company on mills novelty company, inc.

By this time she managed to release the first slot machine – mills owl. In addition to large sizes, the slot was distinguished by musical accompaniment. It was enough to throw a coin and turn the handle to run the wheel with the owls. The plytciple of work was similar to the roulette – if the pointer stopped on a specific color, the player received the payment.

Owl – the first vertical gaming machine that was installed on the floor

Alien success

The mills owl slot machine was greatly popular – the company produced new devices for 20 years. However, about deafening success could not be speech. Then charles fey has already managed to present his slot model. The more compact liberty bell is more willingly installed in bars and hotels. The developer itself did not have time to patent the device, because of which, third-party companies could easily copy the mechanism.

In 1907 mills novelty released his version of the "bell". The company stated town charles fay took part in the production of new slots. The developer of the original automaton could actually cooperate with competitors, because in 1906, due to the earthquake in san francisco, he lost his main plant.

According to rumors, herbert mills knew about the absence of patents on liberty bell. In 1905 he could be the organizer of the bar robbery – then among the missing things turned out to be a bartender apron and the same slot machine.

In the future, mills novelty reelased numerous modifications liberty bell. Thanks to the development of charles fairy, the company registered more thank 70 patents on the slots – most had only external differences from the classic "bell".

Cherry bell, blue front – one of the latest copies of liberty bell released in 1937th

Road to billion

Liberty bell asked a direction for the development of slot machines, but charles fey himself gradually lost weight in the market. He simply could not compete with herbert mills. The latter came up with sevel important innovations for the industry. Under his patronage, the first devices with fruit – cherry, lemon and grapes for a long time became the iconic slot symbols.

In 1916 mills novelty introduced the first apparatus with jackpot. If a certain combination has fallen on the field, the machine issued all available coins. Against this demand for gambling – you willingly sport the money at the rates of interest in the resort areas.

In 1926, herbert mills opened a new plant with area of 34.8 thousand square meters. M.

Mills novelty achieved some success not only due to game machines. The company produced other devices:

  • Trading apparatus for selling chewing, hot coffee and cigarettes.
  • Music machines.
  • Radio receivers and phonographs.

This firm was one of the few, which was engaged in the production of both gaming and shopping apps.

At the peak

Herbert mills ruled the company to death. He died on february 2, 1929 in miami. By this time mills novelty became one of the largest manufacturers of vending machines and slots. In the future, coca-cola levels will contact its services.

The state of herbert mills was evaluated at $ 930 thousand.

The company began to manage 4 sons. She kept the leading position until the end of the 60s, but over time she fell into decay. Today, the mills novelty company brand continues to exist as a manufacturer violano virtuoso – devices for automatic game on a violin.

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