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February 24, 2022
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The netherlands refused plans to privatize the state gambling monopoly due to the workload, which is caused by the launch of a new liberalized online gambling market.

Holland Casino Privatization Canceled

Two years ago, the lower chamber of legislative body of the netherlands approved the privatization plan holland casino – montopoly operator ground gambling. It will support the draft law, within which 10 gambling establishments will be given in one hands, but the brand well-known to the dutch – holland casino. Four more casinos were planned to seleparately, and two new licenses for the right to provide services in terrestrial gambling establishments were to be played at aution.

Minister of justice sander decker addressed representatives of the senate of the netherlands, declaring the intestanion to withdraw the draft law on the privatization of gambling monopoly. Decker was guided by the fact that sevel parliamentary factions are of doubts about the fact that the government is able to cope with the reform of terrestrial gambling establishments, and with at the same time.

According to the legislation, which is intended to regulate online gambling, the gambling regulator should develop a set of the government of the netherlands. The licensing process of online operators is allegedly last until january 2021.

Local media confirmed that dutch trade unions supported the position of decker. Organizations have never been delighted with the idea of ​​privatization, as representatives of employees believe that the state has provided the best working conditions than private operators can offer.

Holland casino income in 2018 amounted to €656.5 million, and the operator’s profits decreased by 19%, which was due to increasing tax rates on €12 million.

Recall that the dutch gambling regulator completed a series of open sessions as part of the launch of a new online gambling market. The main purpose of the meetings was the work on the code of rules to ensure the safety of players.

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