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March 7, 2022
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Holland Casino Has Reached An Agreement With Trade Unions

As a result of the negotiations, holland casino concluded an agreement with fnv and de unie trade unions about the new collective labor contract. Both trade unions will present it to their members with their own recommendations.

An important part of the agreement, which is valid from january 1, 2021 to may 31, 2022, is a structural increase in salary by 1.5% from october 1, 2021 and a one-time payment in march 2022 by 0.75%.

Indition, agreements on pensions of the insurd partner based on risk, and belonging to the future rvu scheme. A working group will also be created with members of trade unions in order to jointly develop further improvements and solve the problem of sustainable employment.

Daniel yustus, director of holland casino human resources, is pleased with the agreement on negotiations and positive advice of trade unions:

"Holland casino suffered severely as a result of a crisis. These were intense, but constructive negotiations, in which all parties have taken responsibility for the future of holland casino and its employees in these extreme unsteable and difficult times.

Indition to the collective employment contract, we also managed to achieve agreements with each other both about the form of volutary dismissal and about employment scheme. Both problems are important in the context of our necessary restructuring and will certainly contribute to a decrease in the number of forced dismissal ".

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