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September 9, 2022
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National regulator of the netherlands ksa published a draft terms of submission of applications for a license. The beginning of the application is scheduled for march 1, 2021, and the operations will begin on september 1. Final versions will be published in mid-january 2021.

Along with the rules of the ksa policy provided a schedule for inspections with a detailed description of systems and technical requirements that applicants must prepare.

It says that potential applicants will be able to participate in "feasibility studies" until mid-january 2021. It is necessary to develop policies for a number of issues, including marketing policies, a detailed description of measures to prevent "aggressivive advertising" and policy prevention policy.

Ksa has stated that the licenses will be issudor without any doubt that the operator has not yet proposed online games in the dutch market and "there was no other reasons to doubt reliability". The period under review is set at 32 months. Will also be checked if the text or advertising of the website was written in dutch, and whether advertising was placed in the dutch media or contained words, images or concepts related to the netherlands.

Thus, there is no sufficient certaynty, how many and which offenses will lead to a rejection of the application.

Read more on the official website of kansspelautoriteit.

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