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January 12, 2022
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The whole year the attention of figure skating lovers was riveted to the confrontation of the bear and grated, but elizabeth tuktamysheva unexpectedly broken in their pair. How athletes spent a holiday and congratulated their fans – read further.

How Russian figure skaters celebrated the new year (photo, video)
Content: 1. New year medvedev in the theater and in the bathroom2. Alina zagitova spent ng in izhevsk3. Tuktamysheva celebrated with friends

New year’s medvedev in the theater and in the bathroom

Two-time world champion evgenia medvedev shared with fans with two photographs about the celebration of the new year. On the eve of the holiday athlete visited «big theater» on the «nutcracked».

On the second photo laid out in instagram, eugene lies in the bathroom filled with sequins.

Alina zagitova held ng in izhevsk

Golden medalist of the olympiad in south korea, alina zagitova, was born and began his sporting path in izhevsk. Judging by the photo, which the girl posted on the eve of ng, celebrate the new year athlete came to his homeland. In his post, she summed up the last year and thanked everyone for support.

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2018 comes to an end, and he will remain in my memory forever ????????. Olympiad, world championships, europe and russia, grand prix ????‍♀️. There were so many events in the outgoing year that it was not felt to thank all the people who surround me, taught, instructed, supported, empathized, believed and loved. It was you who helped me go ahead ???????????? Congratulations ???? All and everyone with the coming ????❄ happy 2019 ⛄ year and i want to wish you pleasant surprises ????, good health ????‍♀️????‍♂️????‍♂️ and move forward to your dreams ????‍♂️. Happy new year 2019!!! ????????❄⛄????✨????⛸ 2018 年 が もう すぐ 終わろ う と し て い ます の の は は 忘れる ことはない でしょ う う???????? オリンピック, 界界 選手 権, 欧州 選手 権, ロシア 選手 権, グランプリ ファイナル????‍♀ 私 の 近く で 支え て くれ くれ た た 指導 し て くださっ た アドバイス アドバイス アドバイス を 下さっ た 支援 支援 し て た た 共感 共感 し くださっ た た じ じ て くださっ た そして 愛 し て くださっ た た の 皆 様 に 感謝 感謝 し続け たい と 思える イベント や 日 々 が たくさん あり まし た 皆さま おかげ で 前 進む ことができ まし た???????????? 年 年????❄⛄ 2019 年 ⛄, 皆 様 の 幸せ????と 健康????‍♀????‍♂????‍♂ を お祈り いたし ます そして そして 皆 希望 が ます よう に????‍♂ 2019 年 良い お 年 を!!!????????❄⛄????✨????⛸ year 2018 is coming to the end and i will remember it forever ????????. Olympics, world, european, russian championships, grand-prix ????‍♀️. There were so many events and dates that i’d keep on thanking all the people who surrounded and took care of me, trained, supervised, supported, empathized, trusted and loved me. You make me move forward ???????????? Happy ????❄ new⛄ 2019 ⛄year and let me wish you many happy moments ????, strong health????‍♀️????‍♂️????‍♂️ and let your wishes come true ????‍♂️. Happy new 2019 year!!! ????????❄⛄????✨????⛸

Publication from alina zagitova (@azagitova) 31 dec 2018 at 12:10 pst

Tuktamysheva celebrated with friends

Elizabeth tuktamysheva missed the championship of russia due to illness. But now the bronze medalist grand prix in figure skating this year is already healthy. Holiday elizabeth sport his friends and loved ones in moscow.

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Ura! Friends! Happy new year! I wish everyone in the new year of health, faithful friends and success in all endeavors! 2018 was a contrasting year for me, but i am glad that the second half has passed just perfectly, despite the disease. How i love to say: «all that is not done for the better!» i congratulate everyone again! ️️ . . . Happy new year everybody!! Love you ️️

Publication from elizaveta tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik) 31 dec 2018 at 1:26 pst

Nearest big tournament who is waiting for athletes – this is the european championship in minsk. It will be held in the capital of belarus from january 21 to january 29. Alina zagitova will participate in the main composition of the russian national team, and medvedev with tuktamysheva found themselves in a reserve team on this competition.

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