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February 10, 2022
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The first gaming machine appeared more than 100 years ago, since then this variety of gambling has undergone a lot of changes. The devices passed evolution from mechanical machines to computer online games. Because of the popularity of this entertainment for money, many gemblings are trying to figure out how the slot machines and casino slots work work.

Varieties of gaming devices and slots

Mechanical "one-hand bandits" remained in the past. They can still be found in some Las Vegas Casino, but more often in the form of exhibition exhibits. Now all the devices in ground casinos have an electronic stuffing, and some of them have a pen for launching drums – only tribute to tradition and imitation of the first slot machines.

Modern devices externally differ from their progenitor Liberty Bell

The principle of operation of mechanical, and subsequently electrical mechanical devices based on an independent rotation of three drums on one axis and alternately stopping coils. In case, on the visible part of the drums, the same signs turned out, the hemball was issued a win.

Modern video gallets in terrestrial and online casinos are only visualization of rotating drums on the monitor.

This is completely electronic devices, since the appearance of which manufacturers are not limited to physical characteristics in determining the number of coils, rows and lines at the future game. However, the greatest popularity is enjoyed by five-boat slots with three rows of characters.

Principle of operation of slot machines on the Internet

Video gallets are the most popular variety of gambling in online casino. The creation of software developers, or providers. The most famous are Netent, Microgaming, Novomatic (Greentube), Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming. These companies are responsible for ensuring that the results of the draw with each launch of the slot have random character. The computer program acts on the side of the provider, and the casino provides customers with only access to the video clock interface. That is, an honest licensed online casino cannot affect the chances of hembler won.

Such a scheme allowed the largest providers to start the system of progressive jackpots. These are platforms that combine part of developer devices in a single network. When starting the machine with a progressive jackpot in any licensed online casino of the world from the rate of each player, a small amount is held for the formation of a common prize fund. Then this money is played out among the gembrellas. Multimillion jackpots in this case pays no casino, but software manufacturer.

These are the general principles of operation of slot machines on the Internet, but they are not affected by the probability of winnings, but the specific characteristics of the slots.

Random number generator

Winning on gaming devices is calculated using random numbers generator. This is a computer program, thanks to which developers and manage to do the unpredictable outcome of the drum rotation. Random number generator continuously produces calculations, even if no one plays in the machine. As soon as the player clicks the SPIN button, GSH gives the result. From the dropped numeric value depends on which characters and in which sequence will be on the drums, and therefore – and the player’s gain.

What is RTP

Abbreviation is decrypted as Return to Player, or return player. This is a characteristic showing which part of the funds spent in the machine returns the player as a result of a very long session. Formally, if the RTP device is fixed at a level of 95%, then rates by 100 rubles, the player must win 95 rubles.

Mega Joker from Netent with RTP 99%

However, RTP is a statistical indicator that only works on large numbers, and therefore does not contradict the principle of gambling itself. Hembler can run automatic and after the first rotation to rip the huge kush or stay without winning a long time. However, the higher the RTP, the better for the player. Modern slots have a return to 99%. An indicator of 97-98% is considered high, in the area of ​​96% – average, and less than 95% – low.

Game automatic manufacturerRTP (%)
Dicey Fruits Synot Games 98.13
Blood Suckers NETENT 98
Snake Gluck-Gamevy 98
Bikini Queens Manna Play 97.77
Golden Tour Playtech 97.71
Downtown 1×2 Gaming 97.7

Top slot machines with high% RTP

Winning combinations and bonuses

In all slots, similar principles of the formation of winning combinations are used: the specified number of identical signs should be lined up on the game field in the designated sequence rules. Most often, three and more similar symbols are combo on the active line. Sometimes it is necessary that the same icons appear simply on neighboring drums or in contact with each other in any position. The more icons contain a combination, the higher the win.

Bright sample slot without lines with 243 ways to win

An important characteristic characteristic of the slot is the presence of special characters and prize functions in it. Special signs are three varieties:

  • Weld, or wild symbol. Complements combo from standard icons. Sometimes it makes up independent chains with the highest payout coefficient or acts as an additional factor, which allows you to win large sums.
  • Skatter, or scatter symbol. Makes payable combo out of the sequence specified rules. That is, enough so that anywhere on the game field fell the right number of scatters. Most often, this sign launches the most profitable for the player’s mode of free spins, or freebies.
  • Bonus sign. Responsible for activating a bonus round, which differs from the standard game and brings large winnings. Bonuses make gamela more fascinating and raise the return slot.

The prize belongs to a large number of functions. Their set and characteristics are limited only by the fantasy of the developer.

These are responses, folded and expanding characters, sticky Welds, additional faults and T.D., which also increase the chances of the player to win.

Future video gallets

Game software manufacturers do not stand still. To maintain interest, developers come up with new mechanics, changing the principles of the game, experimenting with the number of drums, rows and lines, add special characters and original prizes. Over time, bonuses in the automata will appear even more, the spread of the slots based on the technology of virtual reality will be distributed, and the gameplay will become more like traditional video games.

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