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March 16, 2022
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Gambling fans got used to risk money, but no one likes to be deceived. Therefore, gemblings are asked for a search for online institutions, which guarantee the honesty of the gameplay and the payment of large winnings. And if players rely on good luck on the roulette or in automatic machines, then when choosing a site with gambling entertainment, it is worth showing a sober calculation. There are several ways to check online casinos. And everyone should know them.

Checking the gambling institution for honesty, attention should be paid to licenses, certificates, reputation among users, reviews and licensing software.


The first thing you need to pay attention is a license. It gives the operator’s company the right to organize gambling. Her absence puts casino outlawed. The license implies compliance with the established rules:

  • There is official content from providers on the site.
  • Personal data of gembrelors are protected and stored in safety.
  • In the event of conflict situations between the client and the administration of the institution in the situation, the authority may intervene.

But how to check the casino license? Solid operators place information about it at the bottom of the page.

If there is a link to the official website of the regulator, then this fact is a good argument in favor of the integrity of the institution. In the absence of such a link, it is recommended to seek explanations to the support service. If a consultant cannot provide information on registration, this is a reason to attribute a casino in the rank of dishonest.

Through the official website of the regulator, you can check the authenticity of the Lilzing

Popular casinos are treated for obtaining a license to gambling commissions of different countries. Most often – at the place of registration of the company. Most online institutions operate in the jurisdiction of the Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao), Malta or the United Kingdom.

Curacao. Relative simplicity of obtaining a license, its versatility (video gallets, cards and board games, sports rates, lotteries and poker) and the spread of her action on the countries of the European Union made this territory of Mecca for gambling operators. A large number of institutions with the resolution of Curacao increases the risks to face the unfair operator.

Malta. The organization of Malta Gaming Authority intently monitors the honesty and transparency of the activities of its wards. Availability of a valid license – a sign of the reliability of the institution.

Great Britain. The most strict regulator in the list of the most common. UK Gambling Commission – the stronghold of stability in maintaining quality standards in the gembling industry and in protecting the rights of gembrellas.

No need to neglect check. It is important to make sure that information on the resolution is genuine, and the document is not overdue.

Regulator Year of foundation
UK Gambling Comission 2007
Malta Gaming Authority 2001
Curacao E-Gaming Licensing Authority 1996

Software and certificates

Only licensed slot machines must be present on the site as a developer released. Dishonest casinos are introduced into the program code and can "twist" the results of the draw. Then for the loss of prize combinations will be answered no longer a happy case, and someone else’s will.

Compliance with the rules of fair game requires direct contracts for direct contracts with interactive entertainment providers. Information about this is usually contained in the section "Partners" and must be confirmed on the manufacturer’s website. Large platforms with big pumps announce the signing of new contracts and bring news about it to their customers. Doubtful resources quietly add a collection of provider games to the list and take bets until the first complaints from copyright holders appear.

Independent audit companies are engaged in content. Very often on the page "About us" Gambling institutions publish information about the auditor. Among the most reliable, Ecorga and Itech Labs are distinguished.

These organizations know exactly how to check the online casino for honesty. Project testing by these laboratories indicates the compliance of the site established standards.

When identifying violations of the laboratory, it publishes information on their sites and put the instructions to operators. Blacklist hit – a sure sign of a dishonest attitude to customers.

Technically, a targeted user can independently check, with which server communication is set during the launch of the game apparatus, roulette or video powder. If the appeal goes to the provider’s server – everything is in order if there is a third-party resource in the description of traffic – it is better to refuse.

The outcome of the gambling should depend on the case, and not from someone else’s will

Reputation and user reviews

Dozens and hundreds of thousands of people can not be wrong. Recommended to watch internet reviews. Information loop that stretches for the brand, will give a clear understanding of the principles of the institution.

Dishonest online casino consciously wind positive feedback about yourself. You can avoid incorrect conclusions by increasing the size of the sample. A good help on this issue are authoritative sites with ratings and comments of gembrellas. Appeal to them will help make the right conclusion.

What moments should pay attention to:

  • How the institution solves controversial issues with users.
  • How detailed the conditions on the site are prescribed.
  • How the account verification process is organized.
  • Through what services do payments.
  • How fast technical support service responds to appeal.

Respecting and their customers, the institution always acts strictly according to the rules declared on the site and provides about its work maximum information. A sign of good tone for an operator in online gambling is considered to be a compliance with three key characteristics:

  • Availability of full information about working outdoor conditions.
  • Demonstration of the current license and certificates for software testing.
  • Clear following all points of the Agreement with the user.

Such an institution will not deceive users permicurative benefit, but it is entitled to demand the appropriate relationship from customers.

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