How To Keep Users In A Gambling Platform: Says Gambling-Specialist Christina Toro-Rankin

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February 7, 2022
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According to the gambling market grew up on €4.3 billion, and already in 2019 it will increase on €3.9 billion. This means that it will increase the already high competition in the industry. Because for the the owners of online casino it is extremely important not only to attract new players, but also to hold existing.

How to Keep Users in a Gambling Platform: Says Gambling-Specialist Christina Toro-Rankin
Content: 1. Customer hold tools2. Shares, bonuses and loyalty programs3. Permanent expansion of the range4. Notifications, spam and black seo5. Artificial intelligence and analysis of large data in online casino6. The role of affiliate marketing

Customer retention tools

The high-catching gembling industry attracts new companies that are most intereted in expanding their audience as much as possible. To attract and keep customers, owners of online casinos are developing full-fledged marketing strategies that help to satisfy players’ requests. The range of casino is expanding, maximum transaction transparency is essured, access security, new ways are displayed to output funds and large-scale loyalty programs.

There are several efficient and most importantly, legal tools that help to interest customers and motivate them to return to the resource again and again.

Consider the opinion of how gambling online resources can keep regular customers, i shared christina toron-rankin – leading game consultant in the company 1710 gaming and expert in bookmakers, game and gambling industries with 25 years of experience.

Christina toror-rankin will speak by speaker prague igaming affiliate conference – affiliate marketing event in the gambling industry that smile expo will spend on april 18 in the czech republic. Event will collect top marketers, experts of gembling-sphere, representatives of affiliate programs and online casino operators.

Shares, bonuses and loyalty programs

Attractive prompts include games without deposit, bonuses for registry, as well as cacheki when losing. Such prizes and bonuses shold be designed for new customers and on regular visitors. It is also worth remembering that regular players attract loyalty programs with clearly defined rules.

Christina toror-rankin believees that exclusive offers and loyalty programs with attractive rewards – the most effective tools for rettention of players.

Shares, Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

«We live in a world where users are always looking for something new, – experts expert. – if you have this in mind, you can always be one step ahead and follow the development of your business».

According to christina, exclusive transactions and suggestions for customers – reflection of goods and services that users receive from large suppliers. For example, it can be recommendations based on the history of searches that effectively work in the field of casino and gembling sites.

Speaking about loyalty programs, christina says that gifts or points convertible in money can be as useful incentives.

«For example, one of the casino that i use, sends small boxes of chocolate candies or gift vouchers for valentine’s day and birthdays, – says expert. – another casino awards permanent users by freespin, cash and low prizes».

However, a specialist does not support traditional deposit bonuses, as are gradually starting to be regulated and at the same time do not cause interest.

Permanent expansion of the range

The more divese and high-quality games provides a platform, the more players it will attract.

Christina toror-rankin is sure that in the first play to attract players the product itself is important, since if it is poor quality, customers will not remain on the platform.

«In this industry there are difficulties with the new generation of players – generation z, and if we do not attract it, we are not intested in and generation after, if you do not start acting right now», – explains a specialist.

Permanent Expansion of the Range

The expert sees the problem in the fact that the new generation that grew up in the interactive world is no longer interestive to the two dimensional game of casino. That is why experiments with virtual reality and real skills in games are held, but technology should still develop.

«While until the final result is still far, advanced casinos will offer as much games as possible so that everyone has found something for themselves and will select products for each market», – explains christina.

According to her, different slots have varying popularity in various countries. For example, gambling with fabulous motifs are popular in europe, but don’t interest customers in emerging markets. At the same time, virtual sport is growing in west africa, but due to the connection and the cost has not yet fully entered the market.

Notifications, spam and black seo

Sending push notifications – special messages for registered customers – can encourage players to action, in particular offer to make a bet.

At the same time, christina believees that such tools such as spam and black seo are not so efficective as before. She explains that today users know about tactics that use companies to promote their services and goods in the top.

«Today is no difference between white and black hackers, and improved spam filters will also block the legal newsletter», – tell kristina.

The expert believees that over time, the regulators will begin to control this sphere, reducing the effectiveness of traditional affiliate tactics.

«It should be borne in mind that todays displacional seo is gradually displaced by voice assistants: not google helps to look for information, but alexa or siri, – specialist is divisible. – this is difficult, but this may lead to new opportunities for affiliate marketing».

Artificial intelligence and analysis of large data in online casino

I mention the technology of artificial intelligence and large data, christina explains that in this case knowledge – strength:

«The more we know about our clients, the better we understand their behavior, motivation and preference, which means that our services will be better».

Artificial Intelligence and Analysis of Large Data In Online Casino

According to christina, ii and data science have already begun to work as partners on some sites: they provide recommendations for purchases, products and content based on user activity.

The expert believees that the science of data and machine learning begins to work on the principles of segmentation of customers and crm and automate them:

«The key to the use of technology will be their interaction with users».

The role of affiliate marketing

«Affiliates in the world of gambling – child internet», – says kristina.

She believees that today we go from the internet to voice assistants and virtual and predicted reality. In addition, there were changes in regulation: an open internet market has become more limited. According to christina, the restrictions in gembling by age and the declining interest of the new generation to gambling complicate the work of affiliates.

«This does not mean that partners no longer play any role. The question is whether they should remain only partners or it’s time to take on the role of supporsters and leaders of opinions», – experts expert.

At prague igaming affiliate conference christina toror-rankin will perform a presentation on the topic «from affiliate to leader opinions – attracting the generation z».

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Recall: in the framework of the event there will be a non-massaging, whose speakers will be representatives of the leading gembling companies in the world.

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