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June 21, 2022
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How to manage with current risks: coefficients and interest

If you want to manage an athlete effectively, you will have to control your current risks.

The first thing that operators can do to limit the number of incomplete bets – limit the rate. Listing the maximum amount that the player can deliver, operators can ensure that the potential win will be covered from affordable.

The positive side effect of limiting the amount of rates is that it holds professional players who know how to regularly win within; negative: it can scare up large players. In any case, this method is very effective, especially for new operators, which have no big financial reserves yet.

In addition to limiting the size of the bet in bookmakers, there are still a pair of tools to reduce the risks: coefficients and interest.

Coefficients can be represented in several ways: fractional (english coefficient), decimal (european coefficient) or american coefficient. Regardless of their style they determine the relationship between the amount of rates and the potential payment. The coefficients are determined by the bookmakers for each event and can be modified at any time.

Interest (vig) – reduction from "vigorish" – also known as margin, vigorish or "juice". Interest are the bookmaker's commission from each bet. This is not a fixed amount, it varies from the event to an event, from the forecast to the forecast within a single event and even depending on different moments of time in one forecast.

Bookmakers change coefficients and events to stimulate players to bet on the desired forecast.

The essence of the changes is not to reduce potential payments: players will constantly seek sites on which they will be offered the best returns at rates, so it is a counterproductive. The idea is to make all forecasts on the bets equally attractive and avoid imbalance. Reducing the return to more likely results and increase it to the less likely results lubricate players and make them distribute their funds between these two bets.

The biggest risk for bookmakers is an imbalance between the total amounts of rates for possible outcomes, where most of the funds are put on one specific forecast. If it happens, the bookmaker risks losing a large amount of money if this forecast will be truthful.

Remember: athletes will not be your scheme how to quickly get rich. This is a business that brings profit in the long run, if they are properly managed. It is the percentage that brings statements to operators: the losers should cover the winners. At the same time, in the short term, fluctuations may be serious, they can harm the sports in which the budget is limited.

Controlling coefficients and interest, bookmakers can to some extent control and behavior of players, creating a balance between incoming rates and reduced risks. Percentages are usually modified first when a large stream of funds begins to enter one cup of weights, because they allow fewer options than bets. If the modification of percent in itself does not change the situation, then you can think about changing the coefficients themselves . It is important to understand that this process is not visible to players, since the percentage is included in the published rates.

Setting the coefficients – a difficult process, if you do it wrong, then you can fail. A competently managed sportswear will almost be guaranteed to bring profit in the future, but incorrectly calibrated coefficients at least one event can lead to major losses.

In order to make it right, examination and knowledge in mathematics, statistics and sports are required. You should also have permanent access to the latest information, since the outcome of any event can change dramatically: for example, a star player gets injured right before the match – the chances of winning his team are significantly reduced. Without direct access to this kind of data and the necessary skills, the best thing you can do is rely on third party rates.

Platform for online sports

And last: in order to operate the sportswear, you need a platform itself. It can be designed from scratch by your team, or can we start with the purchase of solutions from the third party. If you choose the second option, there are also two options: buy only part of the back end and develop the front part of the site yourself or order a customized turnkey solution that will close all the tasks.

Together with the platform you will need subsystems. To begin with, integrate one or more payment solutions that will allow players to make contributions. Then it is worth finding a tool for segmentation of players and analyzing trends to effectively attract or hold players. And for this you need practical promotional tools to distribute free rates, bonuses and huskies.

Finally, the sportswear should manage experienced staff. From specialists of support that will assist players in all technical issues, before experts on legal issues that will ensure compliance with local regulation, from marketers providing a stable traffic flow to localization specialists who will make the platform available to a wider audience. No business will be able to work without the right people behind him.

What can help slotegrator?

Slotegrator can help with the opening of an online sportsport in several ways. Our legal advice will provide you with help choosing a market and acquire the necessary license for operating.

Moreover, we offer sportegrator – a comprehensive solution designed to make you raise your project without headaches. Sportegrator includes a modern back end and a fully customized front end, as well as an excellent content management system, crm tools to enhance the retention of players and integrating payment systems. Sportegrator also gives access to fiddes of sports events in real time and to the most important part of any successful sportswear: high-quality profitable coefficients drawn up by industry experts using the latest mathematical models.

To learn more about slotegrator products, contact our challenges on the feedback form at the end of the article. 

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