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January 12, 2022
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How to play a casino bonus

Online casinos attract newbies and hold regular customers with tempting promotions and special offers. Operators offer users of bonuses for registration and account replenishment, awards for participation in tournaments and lotteries. However, after accrualing on account, these funds are usually required to wage. And so that the client can use special offers with the maximum benefit for himself, it needs to be understood in advance how to play a casino bonus.

What bonuses give casino

Remunerations are given to gembrellas when registering on the site, for account replenishment or other actions depending on the terms of the action. Usually casino encourages players with bonus money or free rotations, less often – prize points that affect customer status. The most popular types of bonuses:

  • no deposit – money or freebies most often for creating a profile;
  • deposit – percentage of replenishment or free spinning for making money to the account;
  • Reuel – Regular promotion for the implementation of deposit conditions.

For each special offer, a number of fixed requirements are presented.

The key indicator is a wager – the amount of rates that the client should make to bring the winnings from bonus funds.

How to play a bonus

Before activating the remuneration, you need to explore the conditions for use. Display winnings in most cases is forbidden to full wage of encouragement. For this reason, it is sometimes more profitable to abandon the proposal at all, than to limit the output of money.

The biggest wider has no deposit bonuses. Experienced gemblings consider encouraging with a wider higher than x40-x50 unprofitable. At the same time, to play a non-deposit casino bonus in the first hours after it is received, since short time is set for playing. With promotions for a deposit easier – the period of their use can reach 15-30 days, and the wager rarely exceeds x35.

Operators closely follow the progress of the game for bonus. When forming an application for conclusion, the casino administration can take extra time to verify the process. According to the rules, rates in slot machines, desktop and card games are taken into account in different proportions, there is a ban on the game on equal chance and to use some strategies.

Another important requirement that appears in the process of wartsy – the maximum rate restriction.

Playing a large, customer can quickly fulfill the pubed conditions. Understanding this, the administration limits the maximum rate for the spin and prescribes this in the rules. However, experienced gemblings do not recommend playing at maximum rates, but advise you to choose the average. This will allow longer to stay in the game and increase the chances of winning.

Other nuances that need to be taken into account to get a bonus on an online casino that can be really played:

  • Restriction on the type of games. Some operators do not indicate what percentage of the rate is in the credit depending on the selected gaming, and simply prohibit the wage of funds on the roulette, in blackjack and in live dealers games. The launch of such projects can lead to automatic cancellation of the bonus account.
  • Limit in slots. Sometimes a casino is forbidden to search for remuneration in high RTP machines. Then in the conditions of the list of slots in which you can bet on bonus money. The same applies to Friespins.
  • Wajer for the amount of bonus and deposit. If the rules indicate that the wage ratio applies not only to the amount of encouragement, but also on a deposit, it means that actually wager will double. Take such a "gift" should not.

Information about wagering in the rules

In which games it is better to play the bonus

It is best to play promotion in slot machines with a high theoretical returned percentage, if not prohibited by the rules. It is also necessary to take into account the geiming features.

Select slots with risk-game, response, freespin, bonus rounds and prize features.

Top 5 Slots with High RTP:

  • Mega Joker (NETENT) – 99%. Classic Slot with High Potential Win. It uses a low maximum rate of 10 loans, but there is a jackpot, which means the probability of winning rises. Jackpot machines can be in the list of prohibited slotted slots. This should be signed in the rules or specify in technical support.
  • Blood Suckers (NETENT) – 98%. The highest return rate among the slots with the plot and the thematic prize round. Machine with low volatility – the likelihood of a combination of a spin – 46.4%. That is, the winning can be every second rotation.
  • Jokerizer (YGGDRASIL) – 98%. Simple video plot with fruit symbols. Due to high volatility, experienced gemblings advise playing low rates with a fairly large bankbroll.
  • Golden Tour (Playtech) – 97.71%. Slot with profitable bonus round and simple rules. The operator can activate the jackpot in this apparatus, which increases the chances of obtaining a major amount.
  • Big Bad Wolf (QuickSpin) – 97.35%. This device often gives freks, and they account for 34% of winnings. Because of the high RTP and the increased probability of launching a prize game slot well suited for warts of bonus funds.

High RTP automatic

Gaming automatic manufacturerRTP% date Outlet-in lines
Mega Joker NETENT 99 2011 five
Blood Suckers NETENT 98 2017 25
Jokerizer Yggdrasil 98 2016 five
Golden Tour Playtech 97,71 2009 five
Big Bad Wolf QuickSpin 97,35 2012 25

Follow the process of wartsy in your account. There is about the amount of rates and the execution of pubes. If the player was lucky enough to fully play promotion, especially no deposit, it is not recommended to immediately apply for funds. It is better to stay in the game for a while and withdraw money with other winnings. So the client will demonstrate its loyalty, and the operator will understand that it does not deal with the bonusehanter, which means that in no way limit the participation of the player in other promotions.

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