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January 21, 2022
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Among classic gambling entertainment using cubes common became a discipline called Peudo. It attracts people simplicity and ease in mastering. To understand the main principles and study the foundations, it is enough to participate in 1 parties. How is the game in the rules of Peerudo, will be told further.

History reference

It is believed that this entertainment originated in Peru hundreds of years ago and did not leave the country for a long time. Wide popularity in the United States and Europe, it gained after filming the film "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Scene from the film

Soon publishers began to produce game sets in desktop format. Later Peudo began to appear in online casinos and sites of gambling themes. But before making cash rates, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basic rules.

Game description

She may like people of any age. The threshold of entries is minimal, and the basic principles are familiar to many since childhood.


The main task of party participants – keep your bones. After an unsuccessful round, the player loses the cube.


For the start of the party you need a little. In the standard rules, use five bones and a glass. They are issued to each participant.

Game set

The presence of a container for mixing cubes is necessary – after throwing, they must be closed.

All rules Peudo

2 to 10 people can participate in the party. Everyone gets 5 bones and a glass. Units are considered jokers and can replace other characters. After determining the number of players, round begins.


Choose a person for the first turn. All participants throw bones. Opponents do not show them. The one who won the lot declares the number and denomination of cubes that, as he believes, is on the table among abandoned. Rivals can agree with his word and make a bet or say "I do not believe". Further Round Conditions depend on this.

When the player I agree

The second participant may voicing his assumption in this case. But there must be some rules:

  • The number of cubes or their nominal need to increase. For example, from four bobs up to four triples or five bobs.
  • With an increase in the number of bones, their dignity may be less. For example, with three fives to four bodies.
  • If you call units, there are special users of the jokers. The rate on the number of cubes can be reduced twice. If they announced the previous member – to increase.

Jokers are changing any nominal, but other bones can not be units. Risk rates on them.

So continues until someone says "I do not believe". Initially, you can declare 1 cube. Further, the classical rules are followed. The move is transmitted clockwise.

When the player does not believe

Opponents raise glasses for counting. There are several outcomes:

Called one of the participants number of bones no Making a bet player laying out a cube in the center of the table
On the table them more or the same The participant who said "I do not believe," gives his bone

Playing in Perudo you need until one person remains. He takes the bank if cash rates are made.

About a special round Maputo

When the player remains with the last bone, he has the right to declare special rules. The next round goes on such conditions:

  • Units cease to be jokers and do not change the denominations.
  • The dignity of the bones at raising the rate remains the same.

Maputo gives a slight advantage to an outsider and allows him to extend participation in the party.

Frequent questions of players

Lee playing money?

Types of rates determine rivals. At the very beginning, they contribute equal to the extent. The winner takes everything.

Is it difficult to play against professionals?

The results are dependent on good luck, but psychology is important. Experienced opponents can skillfully deceive.

Which casino can be played online online?

Discipline is considered popular and occurs in many gambling. Search need among desktop entertainment.

Where you can get bonuses without a deposit for the game?

Lists of operators giving money for registration, is on the site.

How to find current promotional bonuses?

On the game forums, in support of the casino, in social networks.

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