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February 2, 2022
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Keno is one of the oldest well-known license plate lotteries, which has prototype of modern "Russian Lotto", "5 of 36" and T.D. The rules of the game are elementary, and the participant has a large selection of bets for rates. Lottery is popular in the online mode due to frequent draws that increase chances of winning. How to win in Keno, will figure it out in this article.

Rules of the game

The big game board houses eighty sectors with numbering from 1 to 80. According to the Lottery rules, the participant must be selected from 1 to 20 numbers and make bets.

After the start announcement in the Special Reservoir leaves 80 numbered balls. One after another will fall out twenty of them. If the numbers of the extracted balls coincide with the selected on the game board, the participant receives a win according to the raffle coefficients. The amount of prizes depends on the number of coincided sectors and the rate size.

Until now, no one was lucky enough to predict all 20 numbers, and it is not surprising. Chance of matching a complete combination – 1 to 3.5 quintillion.

The table indicates the likelihood of the number of numbers, if you put on 20 out of 80.

one one.1567%
2 4.9714%
3 12.4863%
4 twenty.5031%
five 23.3280%
6 19.0174%
7 eleven.3295%
8 4.9861%
nine one.6281%
10 0.3940%
eleven 0.0702%
12 0.00911%
13 0.000846%
fourteen 0.000054%
15 0.00000240%
16 0.00000007%
17 1 to 90.6 billion
eighteen 1 to 10.5 trillion
19 1 to 2.9 quadrillion
twenty 1 to 3.5 quintillion

From the data specified in the table, it follows that 5 digits of 20 are likely to guess. The amount to which the participant can count is determined by the rules of the casino. In most cases, the calculation occurs according to the following scheme:

  • 1, 2 numbers – no winning;
  • 3, 4 – rate x 0.5;
  • 5 – bet;
  • 6 – two bets (x2);
  • 7 – x5;
  • 8 – x15;
  • 9 – x50;
  • 10 – x150;
  • 11 – x300;
  • 12 – x600;
  • 13 – x1 200;
  • 14 – x2 500;
  • 15 – X10 000.

For the loss of certain numbers corresponds to the random number generator (HSH), so it is almost impossible to predict the sequence of the fallen balls. However, many players regularly describe secrets how to win the Keno Lottery.

Board with sectors

Strategy game

You can win in Lotto Keno using popular strategies. As far as they are effective, it is possible to understand only experienced. Methods that are most often used in the game:

  1. Martingale – Increased rates when losing and lowering when winning. This method is used in almost all gambling entertainment and is regularly applied by experienced players.
  2. Method D’Alumbers – increase the number of rates when losing. If in the previous round, 2,000 rubles did not play for 1 sector, then the next horse needs to close 2 2 000 rubles each.
  3. "Dogon" method – bet on the same numbers until they fall. Used in conjunction with previous strategies.

In addition to these three popular theories, experienced players use their own game strategies for winning. Some put on the sectors who most often fall out. Others, on the contrary, monitor the most unpopular numbers.

Although it is impossible to track the work of HSH, some players notice the patterns of falling balls, trying to calculate the probability of coincidence in the next horse and beat the casino.

You can not guarantee a quick and one hundred percent victory. But you need to carefully apply them in the process. If one method does not work, you can safely replace it with another.

Keno in online casino

In combination with the use of Martingale and D’Asimer methods, you can increase the winnings with the help of jackpots in the casino. Few operators offer progressive prize in this entertainment. Most often it is European casino. If the jackpot is multi-level, then the chances are increasing to win more.

At the moment, virtual lotteries from Microgaming manufacturers, Playtech, 1×2 Gaming, EGT are popular in the online casino. Also interesting options can be found in the sections of games with live dealers.

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