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August 18, 2022
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In 2004, the film "aviator" came out on the cinema screens. The role of howard hughes in him was trying on leonardo di caprio. The creators of the film told the viewer, as a gifted american created the most technological aircraft and loud film. However, they completely forgot to tell about another important enthusiasm of the businessman – casino. At the end of his life, the man became the largest operator of gambling in nevada.

Namegovard robard hughes
date of birth december 24, 1905
place of birth houston, texas, usa
date of death april 5, 1976
a place of death houston, texas, usa


Howard hughes was the only child in the family. His father managed his own drilling company, which quickly rose against the background of oil boom. The head of the family is entirely devuted to his work, so mother was engaged in her upbringing. She was very clear and paid great attention to hygiene – a crowned howard will also suffer to manic love for cleanliness.

The future billionaire showed interest in the inventions in school. At the age of 12, he independently gathered a motorbike, and later – a radio transmitter. Howard’s child often sick. At the age of 13, his legs suddenly took. First, doctors suggested that is poliomyelitis, but the disease retreated after a couple of monhs. By 14 years he finishes school and gets a salary from his father for the desire for science – up to $ 5,000 for personal expenses.

In 1922, howard is deprived of the mother, and its dad is dying to the 18th anniversary of the heart attack. Then the young man could not fully join inheritance and relative father. To resolve the issue, howard became close to the judge walter monty. After the party to golf, the managed to agree, and the syrotrote was recognized as capable.


Hughes tool drilling company long time was the main source of income of howard hughes. Financial situation alloded him to risk in the implementation of the most bold projects. The entrepreneur put three ambitious goals:

  • Become a better golfish.
  • Pilot.
  • Popular producer in cinema.

From the 30s to the 50s, howard removed expensive movies. With the participation of hughes, more than 20 paintings came, and among the most famous "angels of hell", the "first strip", "face with the scar" and "woman of his dreams". Most of the life of howard took part in the development of not only american cinema, but also aviation. His company hughes aircraft during the second world war was one of the main suppliers of aircraft.

Most of all howard hughes is known for creating one of the biggest aircraft in history – hercules. But in the air this model rose only once.

Attitude from

During the lifetime, howard hughes did not always cause admiration from the people around. It could be called one of the most influential and strange americans. He looked quite sharply with employees. In the presence of hughes, the subordinates did not have the right to open the mouth if the question.

Future billionaire in youth

"I’m not a crazy millionaire paranoid. Damn it, i am a billionaire, "hughes.

Over the years, the behavior of the businessman only worsued. He could easily not cut nails and hair. More surprisingly, howard preferred to watch movies – complekely naked, covered with a napkin alone.

It is created for las vegas

In 1966, lawsuits were completed by the airline twa. Hughes forced to sell shares – initial investments in $ 7 million rose to $ 547 million.

Having a huge state in her arms, howard began to kut on the whole coil. He moved to the desert inn casino in las vegas, rented the upper floors for $ 26,000 and almost did not leave the room. Sometimes hughes did not even get out of bed, so near the wall it was possible to find bottles with urine.

In old age, the billionaire began to prick kodeine to cope with those who worry him. Broken needles sometimes remained in the body, because of what any movement delivered even more unpleasant sensations.

Desert inn did not intend to edure a rich guest. By the new year, the hotel was preparing to accept a large number of hearsholers. Howard hughes hinted that his stay delivers some troubles. But instead of evaluating, the billionaire decided to purchase desert inn.

Then, in many cases in las vegas, howard hughes helped a former fbi employee robert may. He contacted john roselli from chicago mafia – the latter had an exit to morris dalitz, but then the owner of desert inn refused to sell.

Robert mae never personally met with howard hughes – he received all instructions through notes or by phone.

The duel between the entrepreneur and mafios began. Howard hughes told the assistant on the pressure lever – the billionaire had evidence of morris dalitz with a purple gang in ny-york. After blackmail, the owner desert inn agreed to discuss the terms of sale.

When howard met with morris, the entrepreneur began to fight for every cent. It was worried not only the final amount of the transaction, but also conditions for tonsferring money, transotion time and other. Dalitz gradually began to give up and agree with the requirements of the buyer. Hughes this was not enough – he constantly changed the time of the negotiations were delayed for sevel months.

The final amount of the sale of desert inn agreed in march 1967 – the hotel with casino rated at $ 13.2 million.

Howard hughes almost instantly received a license for gambling activities – in nevada, they have long wanted to get rid of the gangster zasil.
For the entrepreneur, nothing has changed. Only now he lived in his own penthouse, and not rented him. Robert mae answered. Hughes cared only about where money was stored.

Legal monopoly in nevada

One desert inn howard was not enough. Then robert may offered to buy a casino sands. One of its owners was frank sinatra. The artist did not want to part with a casino, but fortunately, he did not solve anything for the entrepreneur. Basic shares belonged to meer lansky and joseph stacher – gangsters used sinatra to attract visitors.

Sands casino sold for $ 14.6 million.

Frank sinatra lost weight, and hughes intended to expand the resort. It was ready to invest in order to increase the number of numbers up to 4000. Together with them, bowling, rink, table tennis halls and chess games shold appear at the resort. The new owner tried to create a place for family holidays. To this end, he forbade dancers to sit in the bar and play with hairrollers after shift. It turned out that most visitors are much more pleasant to look at beautiful women than sitting at chessboard.

Howard hughes becomes the new owner frontier on september 22, 1967

Next to the queue was castaway. This casino cost howard hughes in a modest $ 3 million. The latter large purchase of the entrepreneur committed on may 1, 1968 – for $ 5.3 million in the list of their institutions, he added silver slipper.

In the same year, fortune magazine rated hughes’s assets at $ 1.4 billion.

Cover for mafia

In nevada, they were not against give howard sevel major institutions. With his appearance in las vegas, the reputiation of the "city of sins" began to fix. Now, couples could come to casino and feel more safe than before.
Since the billionaire almost did not appear in public, rumors crawled in the media. Many argued that in fact all transactions with casino fictitious. They are only needed so that the commision closes his eyes to the institition due to the high status of howard hughes. In fact, robert may in many places left the old managers, and most of the profits were delivered to former owners.

It is known that the silver slipper repository took money to bribe local politicians for three years – during this time, more than transferred to officials. On such "write-offs" power of power easily closed eyes. Hughes himself has invested more than 300 million to buy a casino and other real estate in las vegas. He helped to update the city and make it more attractive for family tourists.

Mgm grand, inc. Bought sands casino with neighboring desert inn in 1988 for $ 167 million.

Mysterious disappearance

Near las vegas were conducting nuclear tests. Hughes has repeatedly argued that he feels vibration from explosions on his bed. The entrepreneur was disturbed by the negative consequency that can cause radiation. He wanted to stop the trials in nevada and was ready to give a bribe. According to rumors, robert may offered to president nixon $ 1 million.

In 1970, howard hughes abruptly leaves the hotel. He does not report anything to the assistant – the latter turns to the police and newspapers to organize the search for a billionaire. Many believe that howard’s loss was associated with the struggle inside the mafia for control over the casino.

Hughes himself traveled outside the united states. Biographer argue that he managed to visit vancouver, london, managua and acapulco. The billionaire died on april 5, 1976 on board the aircraft, which was supposed to deliver him to houston hospital. And even this event provoked the emergence of many rumors. Some people did not believe in the death of the entrepreneur and considered that he staged it.

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