Hr Consultant Anastasia Titikova Told How To Motivate And Hold Specialists In Gembling

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July 8, 2022
3 minutes

Podcast series «ukrainian realities in gembrella» from the team logincasino.Com.Ua is replenished with fresh important topics. This time, together with anastasia, titikova, hr-consultant and business coach, we discussed in detail the relevance of the search and selection of personnel in the gambling-company, as well as how to conquer the loyalty of specialists in a new area for the ukrainian market. In addition, they talked about what professionals could motivate, if not money, and how these knowledge helps the management of companies.

HR consultant Anastasia Titikova told how to motivate and hold specialists in gembling

Hr consultant anastasia titikova noted that gemblings are very active – every day there is a challenge, dynamics, new projects occur and launched. There is always possible to work with different markets, projects, tasks, formats. Year goes for three in gambling. «This is one of the best areas of business, where i worked, – an expert is recognized. – but it is extremely necessary fast learning and flexibility».

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Anastasia added that a big misconception to think that only money motivated. Of course, this is important, but for specialists who make a choice in favor of any company, there are more important things. For example, self-realization, training and creativity, achievement of goals, credibility. Therefore, you need to properly distribute resources and send the necessary people to the desired projects.

The business consultant said that such a lifehak works very well when the company takes place with a specialist path from the very beginning, raising specialists. Then the team members become very involved, loyal, ready to recommend the company, as well as share business values.

Anastasia titikov shared information that leads its own project about motivation and applies a special testing technique, on the basis of which the profile of each specialist. In general, each person has two leading motivation factor. It extreme important to take them into account with any changes in the company and the team. Based on these leading quality motivation, we can influence a person. The hr specialist shows staff profiles with their motivation to company managers, advises them on how to manage the team as a whole and how to interact individually with each. This is important to understand why conflicts occur in business. Now it is in demand – tune in the team friendly atmosphere, emphasizes anastasia.

How can i get to gambling from scratch, without experience in the field? From the point of view of the titon, login through the support (support service) – this is a good opportunity. After all, the support specialist communicates daily directly with the client and begins to understand the business from the inside. It not surprising that then such employees are becoming veruable for companies.

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