Hungry To Victory Youth Withdraws “Real” In The Leaders Of The Championship Of Spain

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April 8, 2022
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September 25 madridsky «real» beat «osasuna» in the championship of spain 2: 0. This victory allowed «creamy» become the sole leaders of la league. Does this mean that zidan coped with the club crisis, – we understand in the material.

Hungry To Victory Youth WithDraWs'Real' in the leaders of the Championship of Spain

Rotation zidan again in the case: the victory brings young people

Most recently, in a separate material, we discussed the high probability that zinin zadan will leave the club before the end of the 2019/2020 season, and jose mourinho will come to his place with a lot of probability. But today the situation has changed a little. «Real» headed the championship of spain after his home victory over «osasuuna». And if a couple of seasons back this «victoria» we would not even notice, would take it as something everyday, then this season is different. By the way, the same «osasuna» took a couple of tours back the glasses «barcelona», playing her in a draw 2: 2.

Zinined zidan released half a duplicate composition on this game, and this decision can be considered successful. From the first minutes, football players appeared on the field, which will be easily seen in the start – areol took place in the gate, ordiosol instead of karvakhal, militan replaced warana, vasquez – baila, valverde – hames, zhunior – azara, a jovich – benzema.

In a separate article, we wrote about the act of area, because of which he had to apologize to the fans «royal» club.

Serb for the first time in «real» was like the time «aintrachta»: successfully opened up behind the backs of the opponent’s defenders, constantly threatened the gate «osasuna». The only thing he did not have enough – head. But correct this misunderstanding was able to vinysiius zhunior on the 36th minute.

For a talented, but also too inexperienced brazilian, this goal became the first in the season. His importance noted on the post-match press conference and zidan himself, saying that forward was needed by this goal, and asked everyone not to forget that a football player was only 18 years old (but in fact he was 19 – approximate. Author).

And while yovich did not go to score a goal (although there were moments), it did replaced zhunior rodrigo. He did it in just 93 seconds after entering the field. For the last summer from «santos» attaching this goal became debut for the main team «real».

Yes, again from «creamy» we have not seen tactical sizes and dizzy. As the data of the majority of attacks still pass with flacks, a large number of longboles and shocks due to the limit of the penalty.


But this «real» was hungry, their goals and eventually brought the legendary frenchman the most important three points.

Earlier, we we wrote about why messi soon time to leave «barcelona».

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