Ibrahimovic Returns To Europe: Milan Will Become A New Home For 38-Year-Old Zlatan

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April 18, 2022
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The other day, zlatan ibrahimovich intrigued all the post that will leave mls in winter. At the same time, ibra made a hint that he would go to the club of the spanish championship. But according to the mls commissioner, the swede chose another path. Read more in material.

Ibrahimovic returns to Europe: Milan will become a new home for 38-year-old Zlatan

At 38 years old for ibrahimovich, everything just begins

31 match – 31 goal, such is the statistics of zlatan ibrahimovich this season. And if she impressed you, then you should remember about the age of static swedes – 38 years. It is not surprising that despite the venerable age for the striker, each transfersed window around his person appeared rumors to return to europe.

Most were associated with possible ibra cambank in «milan», but in late october, zlatan confused all the cards, publishing a video in which many saw a hint of moving to spain. Instantly experts began to build guesses, what club can take the swedes to himself.

Zlatan to la liga confirmed?! ???????????? Pic.Twitter.Com / sbskm6jmla

— espn fc (@espnfc)
october 29, 2019

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But according to the result, this video was only an eyelid to advertising a spanish bookmaker company. However, as it turned out, ex-player «intera», «juventus» and «milan», «barcelona», «ayjax» and «manchester united» still back in the top 5 european championships. This was confirmed by the mls dong garber commissioner in an interview on the espn tv channel.

According to the functioner, ibrahimovich – it is the type of person who needs their league, because he knows how to create interests around him, as david beckham did. But his contract with «los angeles galaxy» ends on december 31, and the swede will not extend it, but will move to the series a. Don garber calls the place of the new age striker’s refuge «milan».

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Zlatan already performed for «rossoneri» from 2010 to 2012, becoming a champion of italy, the owner of the country’s supercube and the best scorer. Now «milan» it is not worried about the best times, the change of owners and coaches has negatively affected the current position of the team in the series a (11th place).

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