Ibrahimovich Was Racism: The Footballer Called On To Be Tougher

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April 25, 2022
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Zlatan ibrahimovich already this winter can again be in italy, with which, as it turned out, not only bright memories, but also unpleasant moments concerning racism. Read more in material.

Ibrahimovich was racism: the footballer called on to be tougher

Ibrahimovich became a victim of racism, but he knows how to deal with it

It is difficult to believe that the 195-centimeter giant zlatan ibrahimovic could be subjected to racist crystals from the fans in the stadium. But the swedish bombardir of bosnian-croatian origin in his recent interview for the italian version of the gq magazine said that such cases had a place to be in his career. It happened during his speeches in italy. By the way, the country from the apennine peninsula became the second home for the attacker.

Ibrahimovich GQ

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At different times, ibra played for three italian grande: «juventus», «inter» and «milan». With each of them the football player won the scuds. Total forward spent 8 years in italy. And has repeatedly stated that he likes in this country. But, as it turned out, there were dark moments of his career in these fc. According to zlatan, the fans from the tribune shouted to him that he «gypsy», during matches. The athlete believes that rasizm has no place in football and current ways to deal with it – invalid.

Swede is confident that t-shirts with inscriptions «no racism» and other accessories will not change anything. Effective measures, in his opinion, – fine system. According to the player, when, due to the manifestations of discrimination, the club will threaten to depart into a series b, then no fan will not want to substitute his team.

In recent months, the defender has become victims of racist shouts from fans «napoli» kulibali and striker «intera» lukaku. Interview itself for italian gq is not accidental. Rumors about the return of ibrahimovich in italy excite the minds of fans not the first month, they actively heated the football player. And in communication with journalists, he admitted that he would soon go to the italian team, which, by his conviction, «must win again, which should update its story».

Most likely, ibra will return to «milan». Read more about the details of the transition – in our separate material.

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