Ice Africa Welcomes The Brand Ambassadora John Camar

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March 17, 2022
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John camara, a co-founder of global gaming africa and one of the most respected leaders of opinions in the entire gambling industry of africa confirmed its participation in the role of brand-ambassador ice africa 2019, which will be held on october 2-3 at the sandton convention center exhibition center.

Ice Africa Welcomes The Brand Ambassadora John Camar

The second event will be aimed at using an extreme successful launch, which attracted 1597 gamering professionals from 89 countries.

«I am very pleased to help the clarion gaming team continue to develop brand ice in africa. Over the past year, a huge amount of extremely useful work was done, and i believe that my participation in the launch of the world is one of my most important professional achievements».

According to camara, ice africa – independent coordination center of the industry, which provides a platform for meeting professionals for all verticals of the sector on the continent. Brand ice, which is one of the most respected gaming international market, as notic by brand-ambassador, will help create a deeper understanding of the contribution that the industry can make in relation to the socio-economic development of many national economic development of many national economies in africa.

«Having put forward the discussions, we will be able to fruitfully discuss on investments and benefits from reliable, socially responsible gemina in the context of employment, taxation and deposits in gnp», – summarized john camara.

Two-day free exhibition-conference ice africa provides invaluable opportunities for operators, regulators and suppliers. Within the framework of the event, the best practices and see the latest gamering products from leading industry innovators.

The event is considered indicative. Visitors will be provided with a fascinating content program that covers such as leadership opinions, training, regulation, online and retail sector, integrated resorts, branding, marketing, sports, cybersport and much more.

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