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May 2, 2022
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Ice shows are possible not only for the new year. Famous coach eter tutberidze continued the tradition of last year and announced a small tur of his production «ice champions». Who will take part in will cities will take place – in our material.

Show «ice champions» eteri tutberidze becomes a tradition

Deny that eteri tutberidze is at the moment the most successful coach in figure skating at least difficult. It can be criticized for inability to work with men and girls whave grown up a publ. But we will be honest, firstly, the russian coach operates within the framework of existing rules, and secondly, being within this framework, it sets trends and creates a revolution in fc. As a result – four in women’s skating becomes not fantasy, but the norm.

Under the leadership of eteri georgievna, a whole pleiad champion was formed: lipnitskaya, medvedev, zagitova, coward, shacherbakova, costorna. Now kamila valiyev was added to them with a victory in the youth grand prix final. Than the girl surpred and conquered fans, judges and audience – we wtrote in a separate article.

Such a number of stars allows you to organize a whole show with their participation and call it «ice champions». This, in fact, tutberidze and did. For the first time, the coach collected his successful disciples and student in the last year in krasnodar. In the same, everything will be more largely.

Now it is known about three cities in wille will be held:

  • March 31 – kazan;
  • April 3 – permian;
  • April 8 – st. Petersburg.

It is known that participation in the show will take:

  • Alina zagitova;
  • Alexandra trussova;
  • Anna shcherbakova;
  • Alain costorna;
  • Elizabeth tursenbaeva;
  • Camila valiev;
  • Daniel samsonov;
  • Diana davis with gleb smallkin.

Unlike new year’s performances or musicals, such shows are not combined with a common storyline line. Figurestones on it most often show their sports programs. Sometimes especially for them choreographers can prepare command numbers and some surprises for viewers. So, last year alina zagitova preenented a number with the participation of his favorite, masara.

With her, the figure skater will appear in his first movie. About the preparing film with the participation of the olympic champion – in our material.

Previously, we wield that tuktamyshev will go to the european championship in a different role.

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