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January 10, 2022
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The pioneer of the gambling industry is going to present innovative technologies for games, observations and marketing on the upcoming imeme ice london on the s9-242 booth.

Ice London 2019 will show innovative solutions for games and marketing
Content: 1. Solution for game softa2. Solution for observation3. Smart marketing for business analytics

Many casino operators are still fighting with undetected fraud and thefts, high operational costs and ineffective manual processes. At the same time, data of business analysts are scarce, and the huge potential to optimize business processes remains unused.

The smart casino solutions project from the newcomer gambling-industry, dallmeier will demonstrate a holistic approach to solving these problems with an innovative combination of video technologies and artificial intelligence.

At ice london 2019, stand s9-242, dallmeier will present solutions for three main casino areas: game software, observation and marketing.

Solution for game softa

Because of their «analog» character in classic board games such as blackjack, previously it was difficult to integrate processing and analysis of data. Casino automation technology (cat) of dallmeier – the first automation system of games operating in the productive environment: it uses ai technologies and standard full hd ip cameras to collect all types of data.

Solution for observation

Video surveillance also plays an important role in the casino: it is necessary to control large areas to protect guests, players, employees and casino inventory. With the new 360-degree version of the patented multifocal touch system panomera casino operators can cover much larger areas with the same number of operators, while significantly improving overall safety due to high resolution and a wide corner of the room review.

Solution for observation

Smart marketing for business analytics

The smart casino solutions from dallmeier is supplemented by a marketing aspect. Due to the combination of functions based on video technologies (for example, people count), with ai-based gemina automation technologies and other methods of analysis, casino can access earlier hidden databases. Collection, analysis and processing of this information help casinos better plan their business and make more appriate solutions based on behavior and preferences of their visitors and players.

Another company, dimoco, will also take part in iven, submitting its decisions in the field of payments.

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