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April 19, 2022
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As part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of coinpoint group inc., which is known as a reliable partner of the igaming-industry, will be organized by an annual branded non-metaging party on ice london 2020, which will be held on february 6, 2020.

Ice London Announces a Large-Scale Vip Party

The event, to get on which you can only invite, will unite more than 300 executives of online gaming companies, some leading experts in the field of crypto industry and blockchain to hold a business discussion of the future sector in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Command coinpoint group inc. Collaborates with advanced companies and media behind the scenes of the event to ensure that this year there will be another impressive event. The owners of the group and organizers of the ivent, elias arad and oron barber, are widely known in the online game market and blockchain, and also have hundreds of successful campaigns in their portfolio.

Business development director anton vladimirov commented:

«The last two events that organized the coinpoint group inc team., were ambitious, and this year we are aimed at the best result, party in online gamega. In the list of guests only the leaders of the highest level, and we are already working on invitations, which will include only a few reliable sponsors. Our philosophy – quality first of all, that is why we focus on every detail of the event. Party is held not only to meet colleagues in the industry, but also in order to establish a business between representatives of the target audience».

While more than 30,000 people will discuss the future of online gaming on ice london, coinpoint group inc. Will combine only 1% of them on the vip party to demonstrate how the blockchain can convert the industry.

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