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April 20, 2022
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Consumer protection area (cpz) as part of the ice london conference, in 2020, will receive a more convenient location and an increased area of ​​30%, it can also rely on the comprehensive support of industry representatives.

Ice London focuses on consumer protection zone

Less than a day before the marketing campaign was launched in support of the cpz 2020, the organizers of clarion gaming received sponsored contributions worth £15,000, £5000 of which pledged to make companies 888 holdings (the main player in the world field), kindred group and videoslots. All funds will be sent to the charity organization of the gembling industry chosen by the sponsors and announced to the opening date ice london 2020.

Your opinion on souch a quick reaction to the third launch of the framemer protection zone within the framework of ice london was expressed by eva bakun, director of clarion gaming on the involvement and analysis of the industry:

«We started fine, and i am sure that this time we will succeed to exceed the amount in £35,000, which we sent to gordon moody association in february 2019. Based on last year’s fidbeck, we moved the consumer protection zone in the n1 hall, which is located next to the vip-lounge zone. Thanks to this decision, cpz will visit an even greater number of participants, escecilyally the executive executive. In addition, the area of ​​the zone in this year will be significantly increased».

Municipal jewel, chief legal counsel videoslots.Com, believees that consumer protection zone has become the key characteristic of ice london. He explained:

«Social responsibility – the cornerstone in the creation of trust relationships with clients. We wa want to become the industry leaders in a safe, transparent, fair and social entertainment. Similarly, the consumer protection zone makes social responsibility to meeting of the industry as part of ice london».

Representatives of the gordon moody association association, which, with the help of the cpz sponsorsorship, has expanded the choice of languages (adding russian and polish) at its gembling-therapy service and extended support for the weekend, believees that ice london provides an important platform for discussing the topic of social responsibility. Rob mabbett, goggle therapy manager in gordon moody, confirmed:

«We are pleased with such innovations. The concept of safe gambling shold be in the spotlight of the industry, and ice london provides unique conditions for combining all its sectors. As for our international service gambling therapy, ice london gives us the opportunity to interact with the world gaming community, helping every year to expand the coverage of people who need our help».

Recall, masters of gaming law – new partner clarion gaming.

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