Ice London Will Present Guests And Exhibitors Augmented Reality Technology

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April 29, 2022
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The organizers of ice london reported an innovative initiative tat will be ice london in february time on current year. Delegates will get the first experience with ar (augmented reality) technology.

Ice London will present guests and exhibitors augmented reality technology

The organizers of ice london entered into a partnership with spark, the leading ar, cgi and vr agency, so that visitors and exhibitors of the events participate in a unique treasure hunt on an area of ​​49,500 m2, which will be held in excel london exhibition complex from 4 to 6 february. More than 35,000 geiming professionals who are expected to be expected in 2020, will be able to take part in the ar-experience through smartphones and familiarize themselves with futuristic content. Moreover, users will have the opportunity to interact with the ice london dancer, as well as robots, machines and even a spacecraft.

Dan betz, director of strategic development in spark, explained: «we will have eight markers during the entire event that will allow people to scan and experience interactive visual effects in the framework of treasure hunting. And when they find everything, then access the prizes draw. Moreover, the exhibition area will be a special space where users will be able to interact with the great animation of the dancer ice london, which will be a kind of guide for the exhibition».

Spark has provided revolutionary technological strategies augmented reality for a number of leading brands, including lego, airbus and nissan. However, with the words of bets, ice london is a completely new proposal due to the involved, technologically savvy audience from around the world.

«Ice – an ideal place for technology and a unique way to use. In the case of augmented reality, a large number of companies use it to attract a children’s audience or to launch one product. However, ice london is really different thanks to its scale and the fact that people in the exhibition zone are an ideal goal for new ideas, such as our. Often ar is installed in specific places with qr markers, but the fact that we designed for ice london are really interesting, revolutionary and innovatively», – he added.

Recall, virtual reality technology will also be presented on asia vr & ar fair & summit 2020.

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