Ice Show Navka And Averbuch Massively Transfer Due To Coronavirus

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June 28, 2022
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Ilya averbuch ice show and tatiana navka, that were scheduled for decepta, will be transferred indefinitely. In connection with the increasing number of contaminated coronavirus, the holding of the show with the audience became impossible, with the exception of the only arena in russia, which accommodates 12 thouusand. Spectators.

Ice Show Navka and Averbuch Massively Transfer Due to Coronavirus

Ice show averbuha and navka collided with quarantine difficulties: fans can only be put into the arena in sochi

Tatiana ice show navka and ilya averbuch this year became the next victims of coronavirus and quarantine because of the protracted pandemic. No first year of setting famous skaters for many russians is a symbol of new year holidays. However, this time neither ice shows nor any other mass events will be held in connection will be held in situation with coronavirus.

According to tatiana navka, tickets for part of her show «sleeping beauty» and «ruslan and ludmila» already sold out. The figure skater emphasized that people can return money or change the dates of the new schedule of performances so far not much information.

Navka planned to conduct ice shows in moscow with a 50 percent occupancy of halls it was even impossible. The figure skater admitted that he receives a lot of letters from fans with requests not to cancel the productions, so navka, together with his team, resolutely configured to conduct shows immediately after the weakening of quarantine measures in the capital.

The consent of alina zagitova could play his role in the show again «sleeping beauty», which was recently annouced by tatiana navka himself. This year not so many events where you can see alina zagitov «in business», theraefore, the fans of the olympic champion became the potential target audience of the ice show.

Ice Show

In our other article, we told about the captured in the spring of the show because of the coronavirus.

Speak about the situation with the transfer of ice situation who and ilya averbukh, wh purchased great popularity in this area. Unlike navka, the winner oi did not launch the sale of tickets for its production: according to the scharianist himself, he foresaw the situation and such a ban.

Averbukh noted that is still difficult to plan show shows after weakening quarantine restrictions, but his team plans to tour after the new year. In the present conditions, according to ilya averbukh, ice shows actually spend with viewers only on the sochi arena, which accommodates 12 thousand. Spectators.

In a separate material, we disassembled ilya averbukh around scandals with the transitions of skaters to new coaches.

Recall that until january 15, a tightened quarantine will operate in moscow: it is forbidden to conduct cultural events with the audience, the work of food institutions and clubs at night, to allow more than 25% of the audience to theaters and cinemas and t. D.

Earlier, we we wrote about isu plans to create our own show with the participation of many stars of figure skating from many stars of figure skating from around the world, includez tuktamyshev, fernandez, chen and others.

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