Ice Vox: The Sale Of Tickets At A Reduced Price Is Completed

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January 27, 2023
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The organizers of ice vox 2019 provide the opportunity to purchase invitations to the event at a reduced price. The action will be terminated on friday on december 7 at 16:00 gtm.

Ice Vox: The Sale Of Tickets At A Reduced price is Completed

Discounts will help delegates to save up to £800. The reformatted series of conferences will be attended by more than 120 industry leaders who will spend over 40 hours of business training.

Ice vox 2019 event will differ from previous events. The organizers have developed a comprehensive program of learning in the field of gaming to provide delegates to unique knowledge of their business.

The conference will be held simultaneously with another major profile ise london. Commenting on the program, the clarion gaming production director sadi walters notic: «ice vox format was adopted on the basis of a successful igb live. Ice vox suggests different types of tutorials: from direct, information – elevator, to the hive – delegates will be able to meet with regulators, operators and policymakers in the framework of a series of non-national round table sessions».

According to walters, consultations will be held in the format of the discussion in the style of the oxford union, and oter activities will be held with the assistance of a professional discussion team. The conference also implies communication with the leaders of opinions that will share insides with delegates. Speaker clinic will also hold a master class, within which tet-a-tet ​​feedback will give. Delegates and experts will hold presentations for professional speakers. Updates embedded this year are aimed at providing a new type of comprehensive cognitive experience.

«The fact that ice vox will take place in parallel with the most influential iveth in the world of geiming technologies, will allow delegates to learn about the latest market development trends, and then personally communicate with innovators, whose products and services will change industry approach to doing business», – summarized director clarion gaming.

Recall that ice london – key b2b-event, in which the game teams will see ideas and innovations capable of changing the state of affairs in the market. The event will be held on febrary 5-7, 2019.

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