Igor Industry Philippines: Passion Around Pogo Continues

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April 20, 2022
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Careless statement of the general solisitor philippines (osg) josé kalida about the work of offshore gambling operators (pogo) delivered officials in a very unfavorable position. Despite the attempts of the authorities to make an incident, the question remains, are taxed by pogo.

Igor Industry Philippines: Passion Around Pogo Continues

Officials continue to debate on the topic of taxation of operations pogo. Disagrements were provoked by the assessment of the situation by the country’s general solicitor of the country. In contact with the philippine igor regulator (pagcor), as well as the internal revenue bureau (bir), the official expressed the opinion that taxation cannot be applied in relation to industry.

The essence of the hose kalida position is that taxation im impossible, based on the fact that the income of pogo is generated from the sources that are outside the territory of the state. In fact, if the income is obtained in a similar way, the state has no right to introduce tax on them.

However, media reports that the pogo operations are not taxed, the population is misleding. In an attempt to establish the situation, the leader of the majority in the seenate franklin drilon said that the general solicitor missinterpreted the situation.

Against the fact that pogo is forcibly terminated due to non-payment of taxes in the cassen of philippines, the statement of the solicitor had the effect of a disortered bomb. Most leader believees that since offshore operators organize their activities in the philippines, their operations shold be taxed.

Minister of finance carlos dominguez iii supported drilon’s position, but added that the final decision on this issee should come from bir. The bureau published its official conclusion a few months ago, and it states that the pogo is obliged to pay not only income tax, but also vat.

However, the position of the general solicitor cased man disputes and became one of the most discussed topics on social networks.

The current question for the industry will be able to mascere before surrendered and goes into the shadow.

Recall that according to analysts, the philippine igor industry can overturn in the development of macau, singapore and nevada.

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