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January 25, 2022
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Ireland ranks third in the world largest spending on gambling per capita. On average, residents of the country spend on gembling €2.2 billion or €470, daily.

Igorny Addiction Becomes The National Problem of Ireland

Experts gambling capital prepared a report on global loss to gambling in 2017. It turned out that ireland ranks thrd in the world in terms of gambling per capita.

If deductible from the total mass of citizens who do not take part in gembling at all, the amount received becomes evidence of the crisis and speak of a huge number of problem players.

It is significant that the exact data on the number of problem players in the region is absent, since the government refuses to conduct a sociological survey, which would clarify the situation.

The last study was conducted in northern ireland in 2017. It was revealed that the amount of igno-dependent is 2.3%, which is five times more thank.

If you imagine that the figures in the south of the country are similar, then are about 100 thousand in the region. Problem players. However, until the numbers are confirmed, additional funding for helping ludomans will not be allocated.

Irish people believe that the more rigid regulation of the gambling industry is needed, and noted that gambling has never been so available as now. Especially susceptible to the negative effects of aggressive marketing young people.

Despite the scale of the problem, the bill, which is designed to regulate the current situation, is under consideration from 2013.

Recall that, according to british scientists, ludomania – this is not private, but a global problem.

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