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February 4, 2022
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Two Employees of the Star Were Forbidden to Visit The Casino

Independent south wales, australia, independent alcoholic beverage and gambling management (ilga), forbid two employees of the star casino, who are entrusted to watch the game, visit the new south wales casino within five years after dismissal for serious misconduct.

An employee who admitted that she has problems with gambling, made 28 rates on the game application during a change, and a man engaged in games in his free time was caught by the disposal of prohibited drugs in the public zone the star and could not explain the source of prohibited substances.

Ilga decided to prohibit "special casino employees" to work or even enter the casino premises after the star warned independent liquor & gaming authority nsw that the dismissed them for offenses related to violation of duties as license holders for gambling.

The star chairman the star philip crawford reported that the company independently notified the regulator about misconduct in accordance with his obligations and was entitled to dismiss its employees, as the occupied responsible positions:

 "A special casino employee is a licensee attracted to oversight and promote game activity. These people help protect the integrity of casino operations from criminal influence, serious misconduct or exploitation, and the have a special degree of confidence. ".

Source: official site ilga

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