Ilya Kovalchuk Plays Worse: What Happened To The Main Hope Of “Los Angeles Kings”

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April 19, 2022
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Olympic medalist as part of the russian national team in ilya kovalchuk, is on the verge of termination of the contract with «los angeles kings», but last year he came to the team as a major hope. On the history of failed cambake in nhl – further in the material.

Ilya Kovalchuk Plays Worse: What Happy To The Main Hope Of'Los Angeles Kings'
Content: 1. Where kovalchuk ilya times «atlanta tresherz»2. Where is ilya kovalchuk playing now and what happy

Where kovalchuk ilya times «atlanta tresherz»

Ilya started his career in moscow «spartak» and quickly became one of the leaders of the adult team. Due to this, already in 2001, he took him on the draft «atlanta tresherz». Speaking for this club, kovalchuk became a true symbol of the team, and for many she began toam, and for many she began to be associated withor of most records.

Further was several years for «new jersey devils», whom he reached the stanley cup final, and after unsuccessful negotiations on extension of the contract or the transition to another club, ilya returned to russia. Interestingly, the media then actively tied the russian with «los angeles kings», but high salary requests still scared the owners.

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Returning to the motherland and continuing his career for ska, ilya became the leader of the russian national team, which olympic games won. Seeing the excellent form of striker, who experienced the second youth in khl, «los angeles» risked return the player in the nhl. Luke robitale team, speaking about ilya kovalchuk, emphasized that the needed a person with a throw, as the experienced big problems with goals. The functions also believed that forward is in great shape, and notic.

Where is ilya kovalchuk playing now and what happy

Where Is Ilya Kovalchuk Playing Now and what happy

Russians offered an excellent contract for a period of three years and with the amount of $ 18.75 million. But from the first season everything was not very wondering. From the attacker expected placer heads, and in the end in the 2018/2019 season, he distinguished only to 16 piles and 18 gears. However, most experts have written off such a result for adaptation and confrontation with the coach. However, ilya kovalchuk 2019/2020 – even worse.

In 17 games he scored modest 3 goals and 6 gears. At the same time, its usefulness is equal to depression -10. And it could be explained by the fact that the team in the team generally go no matter if there are no obvious shortcomings in the russian game. Lion’s share «kings» i missed at the moment when the troika kovalchuk was on the ice, the hockey player himself was not stupid once again from the field and once broke the stick three times for a time, for which the commentatory was notic by this fact as «hat trick».

Ilya kovalchuk is now brought out of the main composition, and, according to the press, the contract with him. At the same time, the club coach itself in an interview with the athletic expressed confidence that the russian has every chance of returning. But while the future of the player is foggy. In the contract, the forward registered the item on which he can impose a veto for many club decisions: sale, exchange, sending to a farm club, butout this, not every nhl club will be ready to cover the terms of the striker under the contract.

There are only two options – the club negotiates the termination of cooperation and ilya returns to the khl, where he will be happy to meet, or in the league there is a club, ready to risk and take a better sniper to himself.

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