Important With The Game Awards 2019: Announcements

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April 26, 2022
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The game awards 2019 – the awards ceremony approached the end, which means – it’s time to summarize. Despite the fact that the event was less large-scale in comparison with last year’s interesting news.

Important with The Game Awards 2019: Announcements
Content: 1. The game awards 2019: announcements2. A little bit of the game awards 2019: announcements3. And the game awards 2019: announcements

The game awards 2019: announcements

One of the most striking incidents was the publication of microsoft official name for the new xbox generation. The effect of surprises worked, and now connoisseurs will wait xbox series x. In addition, it became known that with the help of a new gamepad, by pressing only one button, you can write a video or make a screenshot.

When you start users, two types of consoles will be at the disposal – budget, not involving the presence of a drive, and premium.

Ninja theory told about the launch of the first game for a new console generation – senua’s saga: hellblade ii. Debut trailer was also presented. And this is not the last trailer submitted at the awards ceremony – users will be able to evaluate the ghost of tsushima, which is scheduled for the summer of next year.

Some of the game awards 2019: announcements

The wolf among us 2 is returned to production. At the same time, the studio is working to attract the maximum wide range of original creators. It is known that several directorists have already fallen into the team, screenwriter and composer. All of them worked on the creation of the original.

Some of the game Awards 2019: Announcements

Godfall – the exit is scheduled at the end of the coming year. The game is a fantastic fighter from a third party. But experts believe that the game is rather, quintessence of action and slasher.

Ruined king – the game is in developing the creators of darksiders genesis.

Another plot game by the universe league of legends will be convergence. Speedbrawl authors work on the project.

Nice impression left the game new world from amazon – the exit is scheduled for may 2020. Pre-order can be implemented in steam. Price – 1299 rubles.

And the game awards 2019: announcements

Lovers of bloody games – dungeon and dragons: dark alliance. Fans waiting for corporate role exit action next fall.

Prologue – project brendan green, author playerunknown’s battlegrounds.

Novelty from the universe magic the gathering – magic legends.

Recall that cyberpunk 2077 inspired minecraft creators.

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