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January 12, 2022
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In accordance with the revised law entered into force on january 1, all smoking rooms in macao casino must be aproved by the authorities and comply with increased technological standars.

Improved Smoking Rooms in Macau Put Into Operation

The health office stated that as of december 31, 378 permits for opening the smoking rooms of the new type were issued. 346 applications were filed before september 28. The bureau processed 85.6% of them.

In the december report of the brokerage company sanford c. Bernstein ltd about the prospects of the casino sector in macau says that new rules of smoking, taking into account the ban on smoking in vip-rooms, «most likely, will be an obstacle to the industry».

But the authors added that any negative impact of the ban on smoking «most likely it will be temporary».

The legislative assembly of macao on july 14, 2017 adopted a revised bill on smoking, which prohibits the use of tobacco products in the halls of macao casino, where it was allowed to smoke at the game table. Despite the fact that new rules entered into force on january 1, 2018, the ban was not extended to smoking in vip-rooms until january 1 of this year. This is due to the fact that the casino was granted an annual grace period for the organization of smoking rooms for vip players.

According to official information published in the announcement of the health bureau, 13 gaming halls did not apply for the opening of the smoking rooms of the new type. Among them: casino entertainment group, licensed casino de presidente; halls, licensed sjm holdings ltd, eastern casino, casino grandview, macau jockey club casino (located at macau roosevelt hotel), casino grand dragon (raiden to casino taipa square), royal dragon casino; seven rooms with mocha club slot machines, controlled melco resorts and entertainment ltd., and others.

All the gaming halls of macau, in which the accommodation of smoking rooms are planned from january 1, 2019, should apply to local authorities with a request to allow to exploit new chairs of higher standard in which, as stated, the best air purification equipment has been established.

Last year, the health bureau stated that he would consider any requests for permits made after the deadline (september 28), but will begin to evaluate them only in 2019. The departments reported that consideration of any requests would take more time than usual.

On the first day of entry into force of the new law, the bureau for the supervision and coordination of gambling macau, as well as the bureau of health, jointly announced the presentation of 5 charges – four of them in relation to casino visitors and one – local resident.

Recall that according to analysts morgan stanley, by 2020 the volume of the macau market will be $ 146 billion due to the annual growth rate by 13%.

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