In 2019, A Low Level Of Interest To Gambling Is Marked In Macau

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April 14, 2022
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The share of local macau residents who played gambling within the city this year, significantly reduced. This indicator is the lowest since 2003.

In 2019, a low level of interest to gambling is marked in Macau

The data were obtained at the institute for the study of commercial games at the university of macau. So, 40.9% of the inhabitants of the city aged 18 and older played until 2019 inclusive, at least one of the types of gambling within macau. In comparison with the results given in 2016, the participation level decreased by about 10%. According to the survey conducted, in 2003, the level of rising gembling among local residents was 67.9%.

The customer of the study is the bureau of social security of macau. Usually the survey is carried out every three years. In 2019, the 2003 respondent took part in the collection of information. Recent results show that only 0.8% of the entire sample of the studied, namely, 16 people may have a game disorder. According to the results, none of the participants in the study has serious problems with excitement.

The institute also notes that the most popular types of gambling in macau are:

  • Hong kong
    mark six – the so-called social game for family and friendly circle;
  • Ground casino macau;
  • Betting on football and basketball;
  • Rates in slot machines.

Experts summarized that in comparison with the results for 2016 among young people there is a decline in popularity on the listed games, with the exception of sports rates. Also, despite the above, the trend towards visiting terrestrial gembling objects among groups suffering from gambling addiction.

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