In 2021, Gambling Operators Will Provide 7.5 Billion Uah

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September 19, 2022
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Sale of licenses operators of gambling business in 2021 will be able to send about 0.5 billion uah to the budget of ukraine. This information was confirmed by the representative of the finance committee daniel hetmans.

"The state budget of ukraine for 2021 provides for the legalization of gambling business. The lion’s part of this money will receive the state from the sale of licenses to operators whe are already ready to go to our market. Final negotiations are now completed between them and the ukrainian authorities. I will make any permits for lottery officers, "the official said.

Also, parliamentarians are confident that funds reversed from the launch of gambling can be closed some holes in the pension fund. Currently, the deficit of the pf of ukraine is at least 18 billion uah. Accordingly, according to götthansev, money from the sale of licenses operators of gambling entertainment will cover about a third of the missing funds.

Earlier, information about the interaction of the gambling association (bgc) with the ukrainian authorities on the issue of increasing income from gambling business. So, according to the preliminary estimates of the organization, this indicator can be increased three times, if you accept the amendments proposed by analysts to the current law on gambling.

Also, bgc experts are confident that the price of ukrainian licenses for operators is unreasonably overestimated. This circumstance is the reason that some major international companies refuse to enter the gambling market of ukraine, as a result of which the state budget may not be predicted by several billion hryvnia.

Recall, the council ordered the russian social networks to block illegal gambling content.

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